Systems Folder is not a valid member of ServerStorage "ServerStorage"

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So my problem has to do with this script not being able to be found in ServerSorage when I play test in Studio. Yeah this makes sense, pretty obvious because it goes away whenever we play.

But what is another solution to what I’m trying to do? What I’m trying to do is define DataService in my PickaxeClient local script, but it does not seem to like to do that. I’m following a tutorial that I mentioned before:, but this problem doesn’t specifically have to do with that other forum post only that it’s the same series of videos I’m watching to learn more about DataStores and such.

I’ve attached an .mp4 video of the problem.

Local scripts cannot access ServerStorage and ServerScriptService for security reasons, you must have the script in ReplicatedStorage or use a remoteevent.

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In addition to the above, you also cannot request Data from the client, sane being due to security risks.

You can however, send a request to the server via RemoteEvents for the data you need.

Remote Events & Functions for Client/Server communication
Remote Functions and Events (

Examples of getting data via server scripts
Data Stores (

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