T-Town DevLog #1

Hey there! Another T-Town :earth_africa: DevLog, this is number #1
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T-Town DevLog #1

Alright, onto my progress!

I haven’t done much with the map, I’ve designed it, I’m very excited to see how this turns out!

Map Design

Thanks to everyone who gives good support! It means a lot.


This looks like it has potential, I hope that it comes out as you want! Also, a suggestion for the forum post is to add a section for the DevLogs after this one so that people don’t have to go hunting for them in the future.

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I’ll always add the links to the DevLog Bulletin board ( T-Town DevLog Template, I know it says Template but it has the logs in there) If people want I can tag them in the next DevLog :slight_smile:

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Okay that is nice to know thank you.