T34P07's tools (animation mirror-reflect tutorial)

Yesterday I was looking for a way to mirror-reflect animation keyframes. I tried animation plugins, but none worked. But then I was like Bruh, I’m the one who scripts, so that’s how I made the animation keyframe mirror-reflect plugin.

The plugin name is T34P07’s tools because I’m thinking about updating this plugin and you can download it here: T34P07's tools - Roblox

I wrote the plugin today and it’s in early development, so it works only on R6 character for now.

How to use it?

  1. Have your animations loaded in Roblox Animation Editor

  2. Save your animation keyframes under Keyframe Sequence with Roblox Animation Editor

  3. Lead to T34P07’s tools plugin and click the “Keyframes Mirror Reflect” button

  4. Select all the keyframes you want to mirror-reflect and press “Reflect” button on the plugin widget;

    On the video it may seem that the plugin works incorrectly, because the keyframe that we choosed has hands spread to the sides, but in fact that’s normal behaviour because our keyframe has only torso rotation’s pose and the hands are animated by other keyframe, the first one.


Ok. One last thing is that, if you choose Keyframe Sequence instead of keyframes, the plugin will automatically mirror-reflect all the keyframes of selected Keyframe Sequence