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After browsing through the Discourse Meta for a short while, I couldn’t help but feel that this plugin would be a welcome addition to the forum, particularly for #resources:community-tutorials. It seems like a simple plugin that shouldn’t break anything, and I’m not too concerned about people misusing it as it doesn’t appear to intrude enough to be an issue.

Allowing people to hazard a guess at how long a guide will be, jump to sections of interest, both of which saves time, will improve user experience here on the developer forum.

This feature only works on actual topics, with PMs and replies ignored automatically.

I’m aware that this might not work for the non-default style themes, but a workaround is simply only adding this component to compatible themes.

It looks like this when implemented and is entirely optional:


I don’t know if Roblox would add this since it would be another plugin for them to have to maintain.

Having implemented it on a private Discourse forum, I know first-hand that it’s a very light plugin that is managed by Discourse themselves, meaning that it should not be difficult to maintain (at all, really).