Table only printing out only 1 item when there is Mutiple items

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  2. What is the issue? The table for days is only printing out one item in the table when there is more then 1

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local Time = script.Parent
local UI = game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui:WaitForChild("ServerTime")
local TimeofDay = game.Lighting.ClockTime
TimeofDay = game.Lighting.ClockTime/2
local PM_AM = {"AM" ,"PM"}
local Days = {

for i, v in pairs(PM_AM) do

for i, d in pairs{Days} do

while true do
	if game.Lighting.ClockTime <= 24/2 then
		Time.Text = PM_AM[1]
		if game.Lighting.ClockTime >= 24/2 then
			Time.Text = PM_AM[2]

Hello, so i made a time script for my game’s time cycle but the problem is for the days table when i go to print that out it only prints 1 value out why is this happening?

Arrays should use ipairs while pairs is used for dictionaries.
Also use parenthesis like ipairs() not ipairs{}