Table to string help

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    I want to make a table convert into a string

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    The issue is I dont know how to do it
    Here is something i would like to do image
    And turn this into Hello World

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    I looked in the developer hub but it was sorta confusing

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This the code:

if  getHighestNumber(TAB) then
	local high =  getHighestNumber(TAB) 

	for r = MinNum , high do
		local str = TAB[r]

local someTable = {"a", "b", "c"}
local tableString = table.concat(someTable) --returns "abc"

table.concat() concatenates all of the elements within an array and returns a single string value.

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Thank you im not used to using concat so its great that you explained it. Thank you again : )

You can also use this, the benefit of it is that you can convert into string not only array but even dictionary.