Tablet / Xbox earnings are displayed wrong in Developer Stats

In the developer stats, amounts earned from Tablet are suddenly higher and amounts earned from XBox are suddenly lower and almost zero. It seems as if data started tracking wrong about two weeks ago. This happens on the live roblox main website.

Others have mentioned that this might be affecting top earning sorts on the games page.


Can confirm this is happening for Swordburst 2 as well.

Same issue for me in Backpacking. We’re only on PC yet are apparently earning income from Tablet players.

On the Developer Stats under revenue, Roblox has been displaying Tablet revenue very high and PC as next to nothing. This happens on Vehicle Simulator stats, we don’t even allow Tablets, the graph should not look like this.


The bug is happening every day since December 3rd.

The bug happens on the main website, I have checked with a few other Devs and they can confirm it’s not just me.

I hope this gets fixed soon, I think it’s affecting the placement on PC Top Earning.


You see, gear or gamepasses dont require you to play. I guess that is why?

No, my revenue would never be higher on a platform not available compared to a platform available, as you can see from the other posts.

This issue has also been happening at Area-47. It’s showing our PC earnings (what our game is marketed towards) as mobile earnings. Which are generally less than 30k-per-day, but now showing it holding 150-200k-per-day.

You might want to see if it has swapped your PC-revenue and your Mobile-revenue. That’s exactly what happened with our game. I don’t know how your game is marketed, but looking at the graph it looks like the revenue has generally just been swapped on the graph.

So mobile (tablet) has just been swapped with computer revenue.

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A pc is more expensive than a tablet. That means more tablet users.

This bug is no longer occurring,
Thank you!