Tactical Assault Map Making Guidelines

Provided below is a guide on how to create an effective map entry for Tactical Assault.

Creating a map for Tactical Assault requires that strict guidelines must be met. There are many different aspects to be considered which maps will be judged upon. If you wish to have your map considered for the game we suggest you read this entire guide, start to finish.

!READ THIS! (Temporary edit)
Because Tactical Assault is an old game in the process of being remastered, many of the maps currently in the game are being used as placeholders and are from the original Tactical Assault. All of those maps were made around 2014-2015 and they are outdated. Those placeholder maps will all eventually be remastered. DO NOT BUILD YOUR MAPS TO THOSE STANDARDS.



Character models in Tactical Assault are much taller than typical R15 characters, therefore maps must be built with this in mind. You can download a character model for scale here: scale.rbxm


When creating a map for Tactical Assault, a large thing to consider is the detail put into maps. Tactical Assault is a game designed with the intent to run smoothly for all users on any hardware, too much detail can affect framerates, however, too little detail can cause a map to look less attractive, so therefore as a creator it is up to you to decide where and when detail is appropriate. To summarize, maps that can achieve the most detail at the lowest cost will have highest chances of being added into the game.

Layout Design

Arguably the most important aspect of any map ever, layout design will be what separates a good map from a good looking map. The layout of your map will dictate how it plays, and how the map plays will always be the final experience. The gameplay of Tactical Assault essentially revolves around this. Maps should be made with balance, flow, and a general theme. Tactical Assault is built around CQB combat so maps should be tight and claustrophobic to an extent, although this is not suggesting that large spaces are not allowed. There are many great articles out there on the internet regarding FPS map design, and if your not too savvy with your layout design skills, id highly suggest reading some as they are very helpful.

Game Logic

Another very important aspect is the game logic inside the maps of Tactical Assault. Because of the way the game works, specific parts in the map must be named accordingly for their purpose, such as doors, invisible walls, etc. Below is a list of game logic ‘entities’ and how they work. To reiterate, in order to make this work you change the name of the specific parts to what is listed below, for example: fragmentable parts must be named “Fragmentable”.

  • Fragmentable
    Parts named “Fragmentable” will behave as destructible objects. These parts can be shot through, blown apart, and entirely destroyed. Properties such as material and size will change how the fragmentation behaves. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH UNIONS AND MESHES

  • Breachable Wall
    Parts named “WALL” will act as breachable walls. These walls cannot be shot through with bullets but blown up by breaching charges. THIS DOES NOT WORK WITH UNIONS AND MESHES

  • Doors
    Parts named “DOOR” will act as breachable doors for attackers to use. This can be a part, union, or mesh but they must be a single object, no models.

  • Glass / Foliage / Invisible Barriers
    Parts with a transparency > 0 and < 1 will act as glass and break when being shot. Parts with a transparency of 1 will act as invisible barriers. Players cannot walk through these parts but they can shoot through them. This is ideally used for area denial, such as preventing defenders from exiting through windows. Parts named “Foliage” will act the same as parts with a transparency of 1.

  • Spawns
    Parts named “SPAWN” will act as spawn points for each team. The BrickColor of the part dictates which team the spawn is for. Attackers: Bright blue; Defenders: Bright red
    Ideally, spawn parts should be made with a size of (4, 0.2, 4). A part named “VEHICLE_SPAWN” will allow the Attackers team to spawn in a Swat Van at the location of the part. The vehicle spawn part must have a size of (12, 2, 30) and there can only be 1 placed on a map.

  • Moveable Furniture
    To have moveable furniture and objects on your map, you must first make an empty model named “Furniture”. Any models that you would like to be moveable are then placed in the furniture model. The game takes care of the rest.


To submit your map for Tactical Assault, join our discord server and read the instructions in #map-submission-rules.