Tactical Shooter - Coder Needed for the Gun Framework


My team and I are currently working on a CSGO/RAINBOW mix - counter-terror vs. terror tactical shooter. It’d be a simple, arcade game (eliminating the enemy team while trying to defuse/plant an explosive) that would have a easy learning curve for most of the young ROBLOX community to enjoy. On top of that, it’d be a great opportunity to profit off crates, skins, etc. We are currently in need of someone to work on the gun framework and game mechanics/play, so I was wondering if there would be someone who would love to fill in that spot in return for 55% of the game’s profits. With a new member joining, it’d be a team of four consisting of Cottonman being a builder, Legosweat working on the UI and the main system code (intermission, shops, joining, etc.), and myself leading the design of the game, building, providing assets needed, funding, etc.

Here’s a few pictures to show that our game would be of quality.

Let me know if you are interested and/or in need to know of anything else!

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it’s a copy of Nuke right? If so it’s nice.


can confirm its nuke



We’re still looking for a long term coder to create, maintain and upgrade the framework as the game progresses. All assets needed for the framework will already be provided, all you need to do is to make it come to life. Let me know if that interests you, I truly believe this game is something that will be worth your time. DM me if you want more information about the game and it’s progress before committing.

What’s your discord?

DM’d you.

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