Tag Module[Object Values]

This module is for the use of easy access to object values. The efficient functions that the module provides can quicken the workflow of the project it’s being used for. Another reason to use this module is that the API is beginner-friendly and is very easy to read and modify.

There is a README module located inside the tagModule which includes the API Reference.

Say the player is running, we can use the modules functions to add a tag called “Running” by using:

local Module = require(location)
Module:editTag(Character, "Walking", false)
Module:addTag(Character, "Running", "BoolValue", true)

Then when the player is back to walking, you can set it to false by using:

Module:editTag(Character, Running, false)
Module:editTag(Character, Walking, true)

This can also be used with if statements such as :
The player is running, meaning they can use their tool so don’t allow them to use it.

local Tool = Tool
local Module = require(location)
	if Module:hasTagWithValue(Character, "Running", true) then
		print("Can't use the tool because the player is running!")

Module File


Whats the difference between this and attributes?


Honestly just preference I guess? I’m not quite sure

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I’d say attributes are easier to use than this, Due to the fact that addtag and edittag are the same thing for attributes (aka “SetAttribute”), Which makes easier to use

Still a nice module though.