Tags and why they should be renewed

Although they don’t obstruct development, there are some that shouldn’t exist in the first place like: #scripting, #building or #modeling

There are tags which are too general, and on top of that they already have a category that includes them completely (examples that I gave before). Although its true that there are others that can help someone searching for topics by tag like: #httpservice or #terrain.

There are many that can be obvious due to their category. Here is a list of ambiguous tags (by category)

Although there are more, I’m not going to bother looking at every existing tag.


I swear at some point tags were user defined/created, cause I’ve seen some really pointless tags get attached to posts (think old people putting their google searches on facebook pages kind of nonsensical)

A lot of them don’t make too much sense though due to there not being much point to put a tag that is identical to the category a post is in/should be in, leading to the tag being kind of redundant. Someone might wanna look into this.

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True, but on most social media platforms, all you need to do is just out a hashtag before what you type, heck! I could probably do it here.


TL3+ can make tags.

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