Tags Editor with Studio-like Interface

Plugin page

TagsPlugin.rbxm (33.9 KB)


  • Studio-like UI doesn’t look out-of-place
  • Shows all tags in the place and the number of items with each tag
    • Delete a tag from all items
    • Rename a tag
    • Select all objects with a particular tag
  • Shows all tags in the selection and the number of items with each tag
    • Shows if every item has the tag, or only some items
    • Delete a tag from the selection
    • Rename a tag in only the selection
    • Select all objects in the selection with a particular tag
    • Apply a partial tag to all items in the selection
    • Add a tag to all selected items + suggests all existing tags
  • Filter tags
  • All operations add standard undo/redo waypoints
  • Works in studio and run mode
  • Resizable
  • Saves size and open/close state
  • Only updates when open, so it should not slow Studio down if closed.



One thing that would make this better is if CollectionService had a method to get all tags in the game. Currently, to update the “All Tags” tab, the plugin has to go through every object in the game to figure out what tags there are. In big places this can cause a momentary freeze if the tab is open and selection changes or undo/redo happens.