Take another look at my game! I fixed plenty of bugs

Hey, I’m working on a game called “Circles Eat Circles”. Try playing it, I’m desperately trying to get it out there. I fixed previous lag in it, so it should be even MORE playable now.


Ok, i think you should’ve updated the original temerai instead of creating another one, maybe adding a [UPDATED!] to the title

Behavior is a little funky if you split after partially recombine, but it seemed to fix itself. Soooo slow at 1k size.


Ok, I definitely need to make it faster. On it.

To solve the problem make it so that based on the size the speed changes, or keep it like this because escaping from a big circle that tries to eat you is already pretty hard :sweat_smile: but the choice is yours

It already is like that, just the formula I use needs to change

Oh one then change the formula (sorry I didn’t know :sweat_smile:)

It’s pretty cool & you’re on the right track.

As of right now, it feels very jittery which leaves a bad first impression. I recommend lerping the camera’s CFrame as opposed to directly having it be tied to position. Lerping will make the camera/game feel smoother.

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Good point. I previously tried to do that before, but that only ended up in some logical issues. I will try to lerp it.

Unfortunately, it really work work the way you’re saying. It actually makes it look worse. I’ll lerp it, but only on the y axis.