Take taken usernames?

Allow users to take unverified user account’s name that haven’t been on for 2+ Years?
That means if it was a name-snipe it would be deleted
Also if they don’t have any ‘limiteds’ or a value of <=1000

Allows the deletion of inactive unneeded accounts and allows more creativity with names on roblox.



mainly cause i like my name

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ROBLOX is in the business for money, and that means providing excellent customer service. Even though I would love to change my username to “Echo” (as this guy clearly doesn’t use nor care about the account any longer), if ROBLOX started allowing users to take accounts, even if they were really old, the community would panic – even if their account wasn’t at risk, and ROBLOX’s reputation would suffer. In addition, how would you like for someone to take your name 5 years after you quit and tarnish your reputation?

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Relevant Thread.

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Runescape did this and they’re doing fine but dear god do NOT make it 2 years, make it 5+

I like the one previously proposed idea where users that have been inactive for 5 years with literally no activity/ have a default place/ not verified be given a notification that tells them at in a few months they’re forcing a change on their username unless they click a “I’m active” box or something in the notification.

And if they’re not active, they’re given a new username.

There’s a problem of how they would be able to log on or something, with the new username and all, but perhaps that could be worked around. Like if they sign in with that old password + username, they get prompted/ notified of what happened, and asks them to use their new account name instead.

(And give them the ability to change their username for free free of charge as compensation.

You should of chose a good name when you created your account then, :slight_smile:

That’s like saying you should have found roblox first.


When Runescape did this they freed up all namesnipes, but that was it. (That is, accounts which only had a few minutes of playtime total and had not played within the last couple years)

I feel like that would be okay. But unfortunately freeing any account names that have actually had considerable activity (even if they have not played remotely recently), would not be possible.