Takeover ads shouldn't botch the site interface

If you’re an NBC user, occasionally ROBLOX will show takeover ads on the Home page. Yes these can be avoided by purchasing BC, but that’s not an excuse for ROBLOX’s interface to be broken by ads.

#The Problem:
I’m on a 1080p screen, but despite that, my sidebar is collapsed by default because it doesn’t have enough room on the page:

That’s absurd – I shouldn’t have my sidebar collapsed on a 1080p screen, ads or no ads. This is the kind of stuff that makes people turn on AdBlock.

#The Solution:
Cut back on the size sponsors have for takeover ads. Remove a small amount of 75px from each side. This is what the page looks like with that change:

As you can see, there’s plenty of room for the sidebar as there should be on a 1080p monitor, and the takeover ad still has plenty of room. In fact, you can barely tell the difference between the two because the parts clipped off of the ad are so insignificant.

Edit: The screenshot is < 1920px wide because of the scrollbar and I have my taskbar docked to the side, but the issue persists even with my taskbar docked to the bottom of the screen, giving my browser the full width of the screen.


Hope you’re happy ROBLOX. Just added takeover ads to my adblock filters.

This is why I keep adblock on even though everything looks so spacial with it on


Wow, the site looks so different in the first image. I have AdBlock on www.roblox.com because I was sick of all the poorly made user-ads and inappropriate off-site ads which were appearing.

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Okay, these are starting to get scummy.


Failed or are you just a glutton for punishment?

I can remove the ads with adblock but not the alignment:

I can fix the alignment with a userscript, but I’ll see the initial layout flicker before the userscript corrects alignment. When I saw this small of space for the home page I knew ROBLOX had added worse takeover ads.


This is the kind of advertising that makes me despise the product so much that I wouldn’t pay for it with a gun to my head.

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who the heck thought this was a good idea