Takes about 3-4 mins to load place

Please inform me if this is in the wrong topic.

I just updated moon animator on my game after a while. Usually the “restart studio” button pops up, and then you’d click it so it would do as intended. This time, I clicked the “restart studio” button and nothing happened. I figured that it wasn’t a big deal, and I closed my studio and reopened it.

After about a minute, I went to the roblox.com page and used the create tab to load my game. Everything worked fine as intended until the actual loading came up. It just stopped at 33%. Dead stop, nothing happened until I clicked on the screen and was forced to close the tab.
(Here’s an image for what it looked like, if it’s relevant. Idk)

Alright so cool cool, this time I loaded a different place and it worked completely fine. Now i’m concerned, so I take some screenshots and then I try loading the place up from roblox studio. The exact same thing happens; it just stops at 33%. So instead of closing it… I waited. And waited… and waited…

…And then after about 5(ish) minutes, it loaded up. I saved a copy of said place so I could mess with this more, and nothing else really happened. I didn’t find a solution. Which leads me to writing this post. Can anyone help me out? Has anyone had this before??

Does your game use Unions? If so, that can be the issue.

Yeah it does, but so do my other ones. This only happened after I updated moon animator

If it was because of Moon animator other places should also load slow.

Did you troubleshoot by trying to disable the plugin?

Nope, I didn’t even know you could disable moon. How can I?

Go to “Manage Plugins” on the left upper hand corner and find Moon Animator. Disable it.

Sorry, had to go for a couple days. Nope, unfortunately it didn’t work.