Taking a screenshot

Hey developers!

I can’t really think of any other category that I can access to put this topic in, so I’ll put it here. How do you take a screenshot in Roblox Studio while play-testing? I need to walk, jump and more in the screenshot so pressing a button (via the Roblox menu or View tab in Studio) isn’t really possible. Default Roblox shortcuts are disabled while playtesting (escape, print screen) and I wasn’t able to manually assign a Studio shortcut to this action in the Customize Shortcuts section. Any help would be appreciated!

Have a great day, iamajust!

Can you at least press F11 on your keyboard to escape fullscreen? If so, you could try pressing the windows button, type snip tool, then click new and drag a box around the screen you want to screenshot, then it will take a screenshot and save it your your computer.

normally when i want to take a screenshot while moving, i use windows key+g to record my screen and then screenshot the video it creates.

Screenshot (Windows): Windows key + Shift + S