Taking group assets off sale if the owner doesn't have premium is a horrible idea

I am completely against this. and my reasonings listed.

  1. Remaining clothing or products that are currently on sale, as well as group assets owned by me. Shouldn’t be taken off sale.

  2. I shouldn’t have to constantly give ROBLOX money to keep things going on my account. ROBLOX just wants more money and they will keep taking our money and doesn’t give us any appreciation or anything. They take all our money and expect us to give them everything.

  3. Group assets are my own source of funding, how else am I supposed to get roblox to make roles and groups and use the horrible update of paying 10 each clothing upload. I’m already losing a lot of money as it is cause ROBLOX is taking everything from us.

We were promised other source ways to get ROBUX, and yet that has to ever been mentioned and or even done when it was said years ago. We already lost our daily funds.

ROBLOX is basically destroying ROBLOX and making it even harder and harder to get robux. theres millions of people playing this platform and they want us to keep giving money to get money currency for in game.

How am I supposed to keep getting robux if you take my group assets off sale when I can’t afford to buy robux or buy premium half the time?


As horrible as it is, it’s been this way since Builders Club was a thing. Only difference now is 2D clothing no longer requires it. that’s as far as it goes.

Regardless of that though, I strongly support this. Roblox already takes enough money from us, we shouldn’t be paywalled to develop on their platform (and effectively generating free money from item sales for them)


This is one thing I’ve been confused about lately. Roblox specifically said that they wanted to remove costs for developers, and while they have done that for already existing things, new forms of content still require either Premium or Robux. This is not a good way to restrict the marketplace.