Taking items offsale requires BC?

I cancelled my membership a few weeks ago and it seems I now can’t take items offsale without renewing my membership. I understand selling is a BC-only feature, but this is a bit ridiculous. Is there any way I can do this without renewing my membership just to be able to mark something as offsale?


Seems like this may be better suited for #platform-feedback:web-bugs


^^ - That’s not likely to be intended behaviour so you may as well write it up.

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I mean, anything to do with buying/selling is already obvious enough that it requires BC. It’s very unfortunate because going along with your case, if you put a shirt for sale and then your BC runs out, you cannot physically put if off-sale, which isn’t the best…


Ah, alright. I was thinking it was a bug at first but I wasn’t sure if it was that or just some really aggressive persuasion to renew BC. Thanks for clearing that up, then.