Taking suggestions for Research Tree

Working on a game where the player has to navigate the world with limited sences and to thrive.

On my research tree for now I have 4 sectors (sight, smell, hearing, touch)

here’s an example of the tree visualizion, not yet polished

Existing researches:

How to format a suggestion:

sect: (smell/touch/hearing/sight): basically what sector of the research tree
branch name:
required branch to unlock

describe what boosts unlocking this branch gives

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Polished the ui a bit

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added some more researches:

Increases the capacity of optic sensors 1 → 2

HF Detection
Allows sound sensors to pick up high frequency sound waves

some renamings too
distinct smell → smell differentation
smell emiters → scent glands
sight → Sight I

Still need some more suggestions, expecially in touch sector.

Also here are some of the names of the modules/organs(?) for the player:

Optic Sensor: Basically an eye
Scent Sensor: Detects the scent (can help with direction if two sensors used)
Sound Sensor: Detects the sound around the player (sounds are made by moving beings)
Physical Sensor: Detects when the sensor is physically touched by another being

Scent Gland: Releases certain scents that can be picked up by others
Voicebox: Releases sounds under a range of frequencies