Talent Hub Features replies should not be open to TL1

As the category description says:

However, this is not the case. Members are still able to respond to feature requests. Every other feature request category replies are regular+, so should #feature-requests:talent-hub-features. I’ve already had to flag a reply, so this should be looked into ASAP.


It seems a bit harsh to flag someone’s reply just because Roblox made a mistake with the permissions.


I flagged it because it was spam. If we keep it open then the flagging rate will go :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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Moved to Forum Features since Forum Bugs is denoted as being for technical bugs, not for community management / configuration stuff:


Promotions from TL1 to TL2 are on hold, so I don’t really see a problem with this.

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It’s unintentional, especially when you consider the other feature request categories. The solution is to bring back promotions, not increase the flagging rate.

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They’re like remaking the Regular rank or something. But they’ve been on hold since September, and I really doubt they’re doing anything about it.

I remember when they accidentally opened website features replies to members and it was a disaster; the category pretty much turned into a Development Discussion topic with all the replies that have absolutely nothing to do with the original post.

I would like to see Talent Hub Features replies to Regulars+, because of the situation I just mentioned and I’m pretty sure only Regulars can currently use Talent Hub anyways now.

That’s the request of the post author, indeed. When the Talent Hub gets open to more members, I would like to see replies being available to members though (and using the bug report group for requesting the move to the Talent Hub category), otherwise feedback will be really limited.

Otherwise, a promotion system for regulars should come back (after these 10+ months of waiting). No matter how strict it is, it’s better to have one instead of just keeping the regulars in their bubble and having members as the “noobs in the community”. I’ve seen countless regulars with off-topic replies and unsupported claims and many “normal” members with good statements and very detailed and supported claims, that gives me a feeling like “this member deserves to be regular”.

We’ll see what the future brings us.