Talent Hub needs better sorting capabilities

Let me start off by saying that I think the Talent Hub is a huge step in the right direction for fueling collaboration on Roblox. That might be a bit of a hot take at the moment, but I think it will continue to get better over time, and get gradually more accepted.

One of the ways I think it can improve is to have increased sorting capabilities when it comes to posting and finding available jobs. Currently, it is way too hard to narrow down the list of available jobs to your capabilities as a creator. For example, if I’m looking for a full-time programming position that pays 2,000+ USD monthly, I have to scroll through the list of all jobs sorted by post date until I find something suitable. That means I have to sort through art and design listings, as well as view the details for any listing that doesn’t put the exact payment amount in the title. I could search for such a title of course, but I’m likely to only find something that pays exactly that amount, not within the general range. Chances of finding anything suitable are slim.

The fact that the only sort available is by recent post date makes things even more difficult. That means that any job that hasn’t been filled in the last week or so gets pushed super far back in the queue and has very little chance of being viewed or filled thereafter. You could have a golden programming job opportunity that you’ll never find because it was posted a month ago and there are 100+ art commissions in front of it.

My proposed solution is simple - add additional attributes to job postings, such as the exact payout amount and job category (programming / art / design / UI / etc.), and then add those to the filter system and implement a sorting system.


I think what would help is if they made the “find job” list a bit longer. (like zoom it out)

Currently this is what it looks like:

(I did not zoom in or change anything)

Only having 2 1/2 jobs appearing at the start is way to little in my opinion. A good amount before you need to scroll in my opinion would be around 8.


Thanks for the feedback – we already have noted down as a future work to add the ability to set payment attributes on a job as a job poster and letting job seekers filter based on that information.

Could you explain more about where the existing skill labeling system is insufficient regarding this point?


That’s actually my mistake on the skill labeling system. I suppose I didn’t see it when I was looking through things the other day. Just a thought - maybe color coding the different skill labels would help with visibility and quick category recognition? Similar to how the Help and Feedback category is subdivided on this forum.

Related to that however, there are a few seemingly duplicate categories. For instance, there is no significant difference in this context between “Programmer” and “Scripting,” nor is there any between “Map Design” and “Level Design.” Perhaps we could consider consolidating those into a single category each?

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What would be nice in my opinion would to add a few more like “Artist” (there is graphic design BUT that is more logo work and GFX’s than stylized art).

I know you can add your own skills, but it seems like a lot of people hiring only use the given skills, so adding a bit more variety would be helpful. (ex: I feel weird applying to graphic design jobs when my work is mainly stylized/cartoony 2D drawings)

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