Talent Hub Now Supports Embedding Images, Visual Search and More

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Could we keep the ability to use inline Markdown images anymore? I agree that it shouldn’t be possible to have offsite images for privacy reasons, so instead of linking offsite images we could just link to Image-type assets:

# Hello
![An illustration of a Roblox avatar](rbxassetid://…)

Roblox can still embed these images in the rich search interface, and creators can make more decisions about formatting. This is similar to how Discourse does it:


nice. great to see that the talent hub is at least another step closer to being better


Yayyy. The Talent Hub has improved much more thanks to this :slight_smile:


Great improvement of the talent hub!


I’m happy that images are now supported in the Talent Hub, this is a change I’ve been asking about since all the way back in October and I’m glad it has finally been implemented.

Is there any word on when the character limit for experience posts will be increased from 500 characters? I still feel this is too low for going into detail about experiences and tasks and it feels restricting compared to sites like LinkedIn’s 2000 character limit on experiences.

Nevertheless, it looks like the Talent Hub is headed in an exciting direction and I’m excited to see what else the team has to bring.


Yay this is good now, a new improvement to TALENT HUB

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Now, the talent hub is slightly more usable! Thank you!

Using rbxassets for images on the talent hub would be awful, it not only compresses but the moderation on the main site is far worse than the DET here.



Makes the talent hub better! BUTTTTTTT we still dont need a filter. The talent hub is meant for developers. It limits devs in their creativity as they would be limited to a filter. Not to mention you can’t send discord tags(from the last time I checked.)

Still a good feature nonetheless :slight_smile:


Love to see these changes coming through! Is there any update on mobile site compatibility?


The same moderation is being used for the Talent Hub and the main site. It only requires that your image is less than 1024x in both dimensions, it doesn’t compress your images (although compression isn’t a bad thing especially if you want your portfolio to load quickly, and the talent hub does downscale your images)

  1. Is there a plan to increase the character limit?

  2. Again, I don’t appreciate the lack of transparency with Roblox and their developer community. Nobody knew when this update was going to be released.


Devforum: Just paste an image and post, you’re good

Roblox: Wait 20 minutes and get denied for uploading a red square


I thought you were comparing the Talent Hub and the site, not the DevForum.

When you upload images to Talent Hub, you are uploading normal assets behind the scenes, so the moderation is the same. They might as well allow you to link assets in the markdown yourself.


Next up: Remove unnecessary ID verification requirements. This is what is hurting the Talent Hub the most in my opinion.

Not a huge fan of the way images will be moderated but other than that, I really like these amazing changes :smiley:! Thank you, Roblox.


I can definitely see talent hub being the easiest way to hire developers in the future because of all the added features (like these). Great job Roblox!


i’m so happy now that this update released. thank you
talent hub might actually become super useful now

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A little too late, for over half a year, hard working developers who try and make ends meet had DevForum Portfolios taken away from them and had no ability to even post images on this corporate move to raise stock prices or some other angle.

If you want to truly make dream teams, then please show that with a little more than the ability to post images after such a long time.


I believe you are actually allowed the link offsite images as long as they are on the allowed link list, this was actually encouraged by Roblox admins in the lead up to this update.

A few months ago in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features it was announced that some sort of upload image feature was being added.

Well this is a major oversight, image moderation is absolutely the worst on Roblox and I get a false-warning every 2nd week because of it, guess I’m going to be avoiding this feature then…

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This is an overdue update in my opinion.

This shouldn’t have taken so long in the first place given that all of us are forced to rely on the Talent Hub for Portfolios and recruiting .