Talent Hub Stuck in Moderation

Been having issues with the Talent Hub ever since it’s launch. My account is verified, and I have the checkmark, but it still says my account is pending moderation.

Additionally, my posts/applications get stuck in “pending moderation” and never are actually posted. I receive notifications that my posts have been removed from search due to a violation, but no additional information is provided.
Here is my latest post. Can someone please tell me what I need to change or what part of the post is in violation of the tos?

I know this was just posted a few hours ago, but some of my previous applications have sat in moderation for months without ever getting posted.

Is there something more I need to provide in order for my account/job applications to be removed from moderation? Again my Roblox account is verified, so I don’t know what else I need to provide.

Thanks for any help.


Just want to add some additional info. My talent hub profile finally shows the verified checkmark, but every single application I try and post gets removed saying it breaks the terms for misrepresentation or impersonation.

I have a screenshot of the application I posted yesterday that was open for a brief time before removed.

Can anyone help me understand how this is breaking the tos for anything?

(Just an FYI, my previous applications had a link to my game, which is owned by my group, that I own. I thought maybe there was some sort of error in cross referencing my team page with my individual account, so I purposely left out the link in the most recent post. The end result was the same however :frowning:

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It takes a few days, for me it took 4 days, give it a while

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Thanks, actually all of my applications were getting moderated and removed from the hub.

I guess there were some issues regarding certain topics that were being erroneously moderated. The issue appears to be resolved and my last application has stayed open for 24 hours so hoping that’s true.

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Perfect! :]
Your issue should be solved due to it being up for 24 hours

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