Talent Hub: Uploading Images to Job Postings

Is this change necessary? What about larger images to be displayed on a creation? (e.g. wide thumbnails).

While I do appreciate this change as a whole, I find it quite limiting. (All images of a creation in a single row, no ability to control sizing, only square shaped).

If needed, I could provide an image of the use case.

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Will there ever be support for uploading videos to our portfolio/creator page?

There are certain pieces of work I can’t demonstrate with only a picture, so it would be great if we could upload mp4 files as well.


What’s the point in doing this? It seems very pointless to remove it. Just leave it in so people don’t have to go through everything and fix it. This will be annoying if people had a lot of images.

Also a question: Will you ever allow use of Discord tags on the Talent Hub? I really prefer to communicate over Discord instead on Roblox for stuff like this. Please allow us to use our Discord tags on there. It would make life much easier (I also would be a lot more likely to see a Discord message/friend request than I am to see a message on the Developer Forum, Roblox, The Talent Hub or whatever way you have us contact each other).