Talent Hub: Uploading Images to Job Postings


We are thrilled to see creators uploading embedded images to their Creator Profiles and are excited to announce that we are extending this capability to job postings!

Uploading Embedded Images to Job Postings

In addition to Creator Profile Pages, we are now officially supporting uploading embedded images to the Description and Requirements section of the job posting. Similar to uploading images to the Creator Profile, any job poster can now easily upload images associated with these sections of a job posting through the ‘Add Media’ button, and drag and drop. These images can be re-ordered and expanded into light-boxes which show more details of the image when clicked on.

Visual Search

Any job seeker that chooses to opt into “Visual Search” using the “Preview Job Postings” toggle will be able to see thumbnails of the image associated with the job post. This will assist Creators to understand what your job posting is about when scrolling through the job posting search page.


What will happen to the images already added to Talent Hub through markdown?

  • As a reminder, we will be phasing out support of images added through markdown. We encourage Creators to re-upload images added in markdown through the new image upload process as media uploaded this way are more discoverable through Visual Search, and have also gone through the moderation pipeline.

As always we are happy to answer any questions you have, we hope the community finds this feature really helpful!


The Creator Resources Team


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It’s glad to see Roblox taking feedback from us, even though it can take a while sometimes. Thanks for adding this highly requested feature!


Is this necessary? Most users should be 13+, and it’s very rare to see NSFW images even here on the devforum. There’s no reason to take away an option that did no harm.


Awesome, now I no longer need to open everyone’s social media to find their art work or previous commissions.


Nice to see we got a feature we could previously do anyway in the collaboration category…

Talent hub still isn’t fit for purpose, yet alone anywhere near as useful as the collaboration categories on the developer forum.


Overdue feature moment


In all fairness, I agree. I saw no reason to replace it, and Talent Hub simply will never be as convenient as #collaboration once was.


This is a good step towards a better collaboration site. Now hopefully we get those other requested features such as removing the character limit!


We also need support for images on our Bio, in my Creator Page I have a simple portfolio addef through Markdown on my bio, but if you are phasing down support for it, I will have no place to paste it


This looks great, I’ve been waiting for some more features to make the talent hub more appealing. One question I have, is how spam can be moderated.


This is great. Now all we need is for the Talent Hub to be locked to forum members. I don’t want to have to sift through hundreds of posts made by 10 year olds before finding a quality job.


Nice, this is a good update. It would be nice if the talent hub had a filter where you can search by pay per hour sorta like indeed.


I have one solution for making profiles more expressive:

Why not allow people to upload/write README.md files for their profiles? This would work in a similar fashion as a GitHub user/repository README.md. Imagine all the colorful graphs, images, and formatted text that users could build with this.


I did a topic about that few days ago too. Seems like Roblox is listening to feedbacks. :slight_smile:


Glad to see that new features continue to be added to the Talent Hub and we are getting closer to what I think the majority of people would say is an actually useful site that can be compared to the old solution in the collaboration category.

I have brought up a few issues publicly and some privately as well, in particular one thing I noted from the previous feature update was the fact that the character limits are still too low. I asked in April and I’ll ask again now - any word on when these will be increased to compare to other professional sites like LinkedIn?


I’m glad to see Roblox keep improving Talent Hub and implementing highly-requested features. Can’t wait to see what the future may hold! :slight_smile:

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Thanks for checking in here, in case you missed it, I left a lengthy response here about it: Remove 10 project limit, and improve other Talent Hub limitations - #8 by Hooksmith

Team is working on this!


The problem with hosting the job postings and portfolios on Discourse is that’s the best it’s going to get: we can’t offer you anything else except for simple Markdown and post-reply style, and we can’t offer you sophisticated search filters without a lot of extra plugin work that doesn’t scale well on our end to maintain. Unfortunately a discussion forum is not the best way to lay out and filter content for a product like this, and we want to provide you with the best experience long-term.

We want to provide loads of filtering related to skills, listing experience in a structured way, payment options and amounts, the type of work you want to do, and so forth. This is hard to achieve with Discourse search and with Discourse category topic views.

It’s fair feedback that there are some things you could do better with the Discourse editor compared to the Talent Hub, and the team is working on closing the gap based on your feedback, so keep it coming!

I highly recommend posting all your feedback in #feature-requests:talent-hub-features (or messaging @thelastavatar983 if you cannot post there)!


Finally a good change, thanks :slight_smile:


At last this has arrived! I’ve been waiting a long time for this, and it’s awesome to see that you can finally upload images to job posts! This will certainly help attract developers to apply for your jobs.