Talk To A Computer!

I just released a new game, Talk To A Computer. I am still improving the game, but I wanted to see what everyone thinks of it. I hope you enjoy it! :grinning:


Good game! I suggest you add more options and be able to customize the color of the UI and not just the background. The game has serious potential.


Very good game, but once in two when I ask him his age he tells me that he does not understand then after when I have not changed anything in the spelling he answers me !
Have a good day :yum:

Good game but almost every question i ask the computer it doesnt understand.

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I like it!
It does have potential indeed, I really hope you continue to add more responses and improve the input sanitisation so it can understand some more complex questions.
Only issue for me is the UI, it feels very cluttered! Took me a while to find the background colour button I have to admit. When pressing the “hide mobile keyboard” button, the hints above the mobile keyboard should also go. I would also recommend adding a dropdown menu for donations to free some space!

What questions were you asking that it didn’t understand?

Thanks :smiley:

I am a little confused what you mean here

Very good point. I am going to add that right now.
Edit: They are now finished.


Bery interesting, love it.
I rate 8/10

Quite an interesting game, just doesn’t understand my questions. Other than that, if you fix that it doesn’t understand any of my questions bug, I think this can have potential.


I was asking questions like whats a pineapple and other stuff.

I assume it uses a table like ["question"] = "reply". Would be cool if it actually used some AI.

It uses a combination of direct responses, random responses, and responses generated by recognizing keywords in a message.

This computer is not like Alexa or Siri because it’s not meant to be a search engine. The computer is programmed to be your friend not your encyclopedia.

What do you mean by a “search engine” you could make it store things in a datastore and if the word is not in the datastore then ask the player “What do you mean by that?” and when the player responds it stores the answer to the datastore.

I am still working on making it smarter.
What questions were you asking?

Questions like ‘how do you work’ and ‘what’s your age’. You could definitely expand your string variety and also try to support typos like:

How do you worl? as on a keyboard, l is close to k.

This is advanced I love it some issues with it

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The “what’s your age thing” is a bug that was pointed out me this morning. That should be fixed by tonight.
If I start trying to support typos, things are going to get super complicated fast because you could also end up having things such as: “waht”. Which is two letters that are supposed to be in the other’s place.

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The GUI could use some work, its very clustered and hard to read some stuff.
(everywhere there is a red i think its too close)

The background color & donate should be on a settings icon.

I think you should be able to change the actual background image with a decal ID or just have it as a plain color.

The warning in the top left should be a warning / popup when you join, it shouldn’t always be on the screen.

The boxes are very clustered together and some of them really dont match size.

The actual system to speak back to the player is very cool, there are a few words that it just won’t understand / be able to have a response to, but otherwise its very good!
I like what you’ve done with it.

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Thank you so much for the feedback! Thanks for pointing out the problems with the UI, I am definitely going to make things more organized!

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