Talkshow Set Feedback

Hi! My friends and I are currently working on a talkshow set based on the set from the Eric Andre Show. I would like some feedback on this build.
Heres the game link if you want to check it out yourself.


alleyway from different perspective

talkshow set

talkshow set from other perspective


WOOOW, this is good! Maybe you can make a secret area?


The decals look a bit weird in the first picture, looks like their stretched our too much.


Nice point. I’m going to try to shrink it.

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The alleyway decal is super stretched & is overall lacking detail… the lighting needs some work too.
For the actual set, it looks okay. It doesn’t look like a set though and it just overall looks pretty shabby. You should make a stage for where the talkshow host goes, the blankets make it look like it was thrown together in a basement and the music stage appears pretty small as well.
Good job though


Thanks for the feedback! The set is supposed to look it was thrown in a basement, lol.


Well-built. Feels very neat but the lighting is quite dull in a few areas but since it’s from the show online tv I can see the resemblance.

Recommend adding some sort of lighting casting on curtains something that you’ll see once watching or looking at the show your recreating so that I doesn’t look dark or so the lights aren’t about to turn off because the lack of work put into it. I would recommend finding a new decal it kind of looks blurry that’s it’s hard to see from a different view.

It’s a nice build I’ll try working on showing lighting on the logo and scene: since you captured the perfect lighting setting well done:


Thanks! Yeah, people say I need to change/resize the decals a lot when they play my game.