Tam | Creature/Character Modeler [For Hire]

About Me :roblox_light:

Howdy Partner! I am offering my work as a 3D Modeler.I specialize in Creatures/Characters.
I´ve been doing Art for 8+ years and 3D Modelling for 4+ Years.

Showcase :dragon:

You can view my assets here:
Or view my full portfolio here

Some of my Models can be seen here! (All of my models have no more than 20k Tris)

Availability :roblox_light:

I am availabe for about 5-13 Hours a day.

Payment :roblox:

Prices are negotiable, I accept either hourly pay or per asset. I prefer to be paid with Robux.

Contact :roblox:

You can contact me here on the Developer Forum , Discord or via Twitter at: https://twitter.com/BrushTam
Discord: Tam#9960

Thanks for reading! :dragon: :roblox:


Tams worked with the Sonar Studios team and designed multiple dragons for us!! Definitely recommend his work :+1:


Wow, these works are exceptional! Pricing was rather vague tho, could you give me an estimate for how much you would charge for say, this model you made


Replied to wrong person, sorry.


I would charge around 30k - 50k R$

Updated with new work examples

Yet again , updated with a new work showcase :call_me_hand:

Do you rig them also or do you just create them?

New Work example (Western Dragon)


Update: -added 2 new work examples!

Added new work example: “Robot Knight”

I am interested, hmu at Quionew#2800 on Discord or message me on here!

How much would you charge for a semi-realistic human-like creature/SCP + rigging it?