Tank cant get up small hill

video: 2022-07-05 18-23-31 (streamable)

the red part under the tank is where all the mass is it is centered with the tank
and the wheels have the max friction and yet it still cant get over this hill any idea how to make it stickier or something

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the body velocity on the tank doesnt have enough power to push it. try increasing the push value (not speed)

I had the same Issue with a rover and the only thing that seemed to solve it was to make the speed limit higher

im using cylindrical constraints and if i speed those up the tank will be way too quick on flat ground

the thing is im using the same exact scripts and rig i used for all my other cars and they can go up any hill without problem (same mass)

edit: even with a mass of a block with 0.5, 0.5, 0.5 as the size it still cant get over

If the tank operates compleltly physically, could you check if the wheels are slipping? If wheels are not slipping, than they need more torque.

i would increase the torque if they wouldnt speed up the tank to insane amounts on flat ground.
i am going to see if the wheels are slipping and edit this when i see what happens

edit: it does look like the wheels are slipping im going to change the spring values and see what happens

edit 2: that did nothing

maybe consider using a different bodymover if bodyvelocity is trying to go straight and you’re trying to go up

im not using any body movers its all constraints

You may need more torque, or some kind of traction control system (I have no idea how these work) to stop the vehicle from doing burnouts.

so heres the thing… if i increase the torque to a value that will scale the hill it works but then it will go super fast on flat land, so to counter that i would slow down the tank normal speed but now it wont scale the hill because its too slow

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also there is this werid bug with the tank moving back and forth after stopping
probably has something to do with the extra big wheels so the tracks look like they are on the ground (the tracks are beams)
this increases with the torque, higher torque more it moves

video: 2022-07-05 18-58-24

does the tank weigh too much ?

its one part for the mass a 9x9x9 stud block (the red block in the videos)
decreases the size of this block (for example: 0.5x0.5) doesnt do anything

i rerigged the entire tank to use a different movement script and it fixed it