Tank Chassis break

Ever since the update that dropped today, I’ve seen reports of new bugs within tank chassis cars within ro-racing leagues. Some cars lock up at completely random times, some straight up just refuse to turn for a certain bit of time or at certain speeds, and some have had their weight be altered significant enough to change performance entirely (all without doing it themselves). I’ve also heard that people tried fixing it themselves with no success, I have no idea what roblox did to make this happen.

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I don’t know what chassis you are using and how exactly it is implemented and without this information we can’t really tell you what could be wrong with it (send us a model or a empty baseplate place file with the vehicle set up if possible)

I’ve tested my own chassis system that use constraints for the main mechanism. I didn’t change anything after the update and it works just as fine as it did before the update, I have noticed no changes. I assume this tank chassis you are talking about also uses constraints, so its most likely a code related issue.

Sounds a bit like the network ownership of the vehicles has been set to the server instead of the driver?

Are all these people using a single base system for the vehicles or are they completely different systems? Or permutations of the single base system?

Has the issue actually been isolated to strictly the same exact model, same exact scripts, in the same exact game working noticeably differently before and after the update? If yes, make a bug report. If you are not sure, then try to isolate and discard variables until you find the issue.

I hope this helped. Good luck.

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robloxapp-20220304-0028177.wmv (2.5 MB)
My treaded vehicles seem fine. They use HingeConstraints on each wheel that are set to Motor and the steering script changes the speed of the wheels. The treads are MeshParts connected with HingeConstraints as well.

Yes this is happening for us too, whatever new update roblox put in(maybe they were trying a fix) broke tank chassis systems

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that isnt tank chassis, thats normal chassis