Tank chassis with mesh deforming tracks

Nearly a year ago now, I created a tank chassis with deforming tracks through the use of mesh deformation. After showing my creation on both here and other forums / social media, people were impressed with how it turned out. With there not really being any tutorials or anything relating to how to do this specifically on Roblox, and after being messaged for the better part of 4 months by someone interested in the system (that’s some crazy determination), I have finally got around to releasing it on here.

Tank chassis with deforming mesh tracks:
TANKTHING.rbxm (25.1 KB)
The TrackAnimScript clones the TrackScript into the player’s PlayerGui on joining that handles the track deformation for that specific track on the player’s computer rather than having the server do it. The TrackScript is what actually manipulates the bones of each track.

If you want to learn how to rig your own tank tracks in Blender, you can effectively use any tutorial for Unity or Unreal Engine and achieve the same result. This is the website I used to find out how to do it:
Follow it up to the point where it gets you to do stuff in Unity.