Tank Warfare Arcade (v0.2.1) 5v5 PvP Shooter - Game Showcase

Tank Warfare Update 0.6.0
I was fortunate enough to work as a 3D artist on this new title from IndieBox Studios. The game is in a playable state and will continue to receive updates. As it is still in beta there are still aspects of the game that will be subject to change. Anyway, I’ll cut to the chase, but you can play the game here:


The premise of the game is that it is a 5V5 arcade vehicle shooter where you compete against other players in a vast array of different game modes and maps. Currently the map pool is only limited to 2 and vehicle selection is around 14 however this will continue to increase as the game receives updates. Players can level up and purchase new vehicles and upgrades with currency earned from in-game and levelling up. There are 50 ranks to progress through as of the current version.

I’m also open to feedback so let me know what you think about the game and what could be done better.

Edit - Hi guys i’m just getting some questions about this thread so I wanted to let everyone know that this topic is outdated :sweat_smile:


This game is incredibly fun and I found myself playing it more than I intended to, it could make it to the front page easily with advertising and sponsors.

What you should work on is just advertising and sponsoring it and don’t forget to keep adding more content so the players have a reason to come back and play again, this game have a lot of potential so you shouldn’t don’t leave it.

EDIT: You could also add game modes and more maps, I have some improvements that can make them look better:

  • Don’t make the maps big instead keep them at a medium size.
  • For game modes try to think of some unique and cool game modes but of course add the classic ones too like Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.

thank you for your feedback, in regards to the game modes we currently have capture the flag, kill confirmed and team deathmatch but we do have plans to add more game modes in the future and especially unique ones.


This is a Great game I would recommended playing it!