Tankattack9 Studios "Moderator" Application

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Hello there! I’m the Founder of Tankattack9 Studios.

Tankattack9 Studios is a studio created in July of 2018.

This position is always open, but you’ll need to be a trustable person to join it.

  • A moderator’s job is to regularly! moderate Roblox Groups, Games and Discord you’re assigned to.

  • You catch and ban exploiters, spammers, rule breakers, etc.

  • You’ll need to be 100% precise with who you are banning, very calm and patient aswell as open to any questions. You need to be respectful and respected.

  • 14 Years of Age or older. (With exceptions of 13 years of age. Lower than that will not be accepted.)

  • A good understanding of English. You need to be able to understand others and others to understand you.

  • Be active in most studio’s productions.

  • Be active for over the last 2 months at any of the studio’s productions.

  • Be good at tracking down suspicious people ingame, you’ll be given the right tools.

  • Have a thinking outside the box mindset.

  • Ability to jump in-game and ban an exploiter at almost any moment on your assigned online hours.

  • Have patience.

  • Have some spare time.

  • Have time during the weekend AND the week.

  • Atleast 1 group space slot.

  • Have experience with moderating of chats and games.

  • Have scripting knowledge.

  • Have experience with exploits.

  • Have experience with catching exploiters before.

  • Have alot more spare time.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree.

  • DM me (Boy#6551) with any questions.

  • Only submit me when you’re serious and reviewed the job.

  • Submitting when you’re unfit for the job will lead you to being blacklisted from the studio entirely.

  • Write why you should be accepted on this position.

Even if you’re not sure that you will pass, you can still write the application.

  • Special badge, in-game admin tools, a Moderation discord for moderators.

  • You’ll be promoted to a “Game Moderator” rank in our Studio.

  • You’ll have a much higher chance of becoming a higher rank in the Studio in the future.

  • You’ll be working with all of our studio employees.

  • You’ll gain valuable experience.


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