Target audience of the forum is not specific enough, introduce tactical barriers for entry

You can’t be all to formal, as developers need a place to talk and have conversations on things like this, where I agree this is an issue related to the rules of the forum, Roblox should make a lounge or something for developers chat about off topic things. I believe one exists but Roblox working on the ranks and permissions right now.

US is not the center of the world. EU for example has ID cards for 13+.

Not sure if similar ways exist for US – this is up to product and engineer teams at Roblox to figure out. I’m simply suggesting things, not asserting any of these are the right direction.


I’m aware - still, im just wondering how this would be put into place


I understand you mean well but this kind of topic should be posted in something like Lounge at best, Development Discussion IMO should be focused on discussing topics actually related to the heads-down development people are doing. Talking about development issues, not lofty chats about opinions and people’s stories.

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I might be wrong here.

Isn’t the lounge closed?

My point being: either Lounge should be opened up more so these topics can be posted there, but even better would be to take these topics to more casual discussion mediums such as Twitter / Discord, those mediums are made for sharing opinions en-masse. Discussion forums like this are on their best when used for discussing concrete issues rather than infinitely long threads with everyone’s opinion/story.


It’s hard to keep track of a conversation with Discord, but there are Unofficial forums for Roblox players. So it isn’t an excuse to come here out of the blue and post a story/opinion.

Thankyou, I have deleted my off topic posts on #development-discussion

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Thank you Swiftaloon, I’ll take some time to read those tonight.


I agree with just taking casual discussions to Twitter and Discord, but opening up lounge to members would turn the DevForum into the new Roblox Forums bcause all someone needs to do is read ~3 hours and you would be able to freely post in a non-development related discussion, and non-developers would flood the DevForum just to post in lounge.

#development-discussion is a very broad category; how about sub-categories like scripting discussion and building discussion, and even slightly off-topic ideas can be shared in categories such as update discussion (how does this update affect your development, how could you use this update to improve your game).

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Hence the “even better”, not sure if you missed that in that sentence.


It is also interesting, as the visibility of things has been ruined.

I posted a CLI, for “power users”, that directly opens Roblox Studio places from terminal (and many more things!).
These things mean nothing to the average person on here, but can be really helpful to let’s say big development teams and other people who create Roblox games for a living.

It’s worth noting that I got no visibility at all, while all the other posts around me got 100’s of views. I only got some after advertising it on a discord channel.

If the visibility is ruined - how are developers supposed to share stuff that is useful to other non-novice developers - not just something like an AFK System module.

The drive to include everyone on the forum has honestly made me feel more alienated from the developer community.

The devforum was significantly more useful to me before I was able to post in it. I was promoted in the early trials of the new automated system because I was using and enjoying the devforum as a resource. I used to be a small part of a community of serious developers having useful and interesting discussions - even if I was just reading and liking their posts. I don’t know what I’m part of anymore, but it doesn’t feel like a developer community. Everyone left months ago - the people that are still here are drowned out by the noise.

The forum is huge, and always has been. There’s almost always someone who’s said what you want to say, and the like button is available to anyone with a TL0 account.
I don’t think posting rights are actually that important to the target audience of the devforum.

I’m seeing a really pervasive notion that developers can’t engage with or make use of a category (or the forum as a whole) unless they can post in it.
I think higher restrictions make the devforum more useful to everyone - even the developers who are “locked out”.


Maybe some sort of form and you need to get approved, with age, account age (to prevent spam), a showcase of creations, etc.

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I think Roblox needs to implement a trust level system similar to that of stackoverflow, restricting people’s ability to post or reply to topics if they gather too much negative attention. They don’t need to implement an upvote/downvote system, just use things like how many likes they’re getting on posts and how many have been taken down for violating the Devforum rules.

Quality will significantly increase and I believe that it’ll return to how it was before they decided to open the floodgates to everyone. Sure I was one of those that only got in through the floodgates as their application process was a bit vague however recently it’s gotten out of control and needs reigning in fast.


Likes aren’t a reliable way to determine how good a post is. Plenty of off-topic posts gain tons of likes because it’s funny or whatever.

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I saw this in another post, where someone said that Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced tags should be added. It could definitely help draw a line between different levels of experience developing, for that one group who sees the tag and replies because they are “advanced” and understand the OP, already this helps a lot.


The main point of opening up devforum is to make access to resources more easier for developer. Making it private would make it elite, and that’s what is being discouraged here.


Different countries have different policy. You can’t expect Roblox to store all 195 countries data, like names and all.

IMO, I wouldn’t be comfortable sharing my real name with people I hardly know, just to get into the forum.

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I think it was mentioned several times before but in no way was it mentioned those had to be the requirements verbatim, it was just an idea out of several. I believe users would be more comfortable verifying age (there is even a slash between “real name” and “age” to indicate “or”!), which would probably be more important and more feasible anyway. Also you would only be verifying it with Roblox.


Believe it or not, I don’t have any of those criteria mentioned. I don’t open studio often, because I’m a translator, I don’t devex because I don’t have the bare minimum, I can’t reveal my name, due to privacy reasons.