Target audience of the forum is not specific enough, introduce tactical barriers for entry

The forum is heading to become the next Roblox Forum v2, where its a meme and is too annoying to view anymore.

I don’t have any input for a resolve, just wanted to thank OP for bringing this to light. Miss the dev forum content from 2 years back, was very knowledgeable and enjoyable.


What would be considered “… for the sake of posting and not seriously interested in development.”? What are some example of posting just to post. This could also be a potential issue since not too many people are in DevEx, and smaller developers who make games just for Robux, and not for a living are unable to get help and hire others to work. They can’t promote their game and get people in a Roblox game, it isn’t the right place.

People who are posting questions for the sake of getting attention/Likes/etc, not because they actually have a development problem or concern they want to discuss about.

I am not going to link to specific examples in this post because it is not my intention to call anyone out.


Can you explain an example of this? I’ve never seen it before.

For example, people in #Updates reply to an announcement saying “Oh cool I’ll use this” without bringing anything new to the table or contributing in any way.


I’m talking more about “Do you think developers should eat peanut butter sandwiches more often?”-esque topics in Development Discussion. What you are talking about is not necessarily non-development-related.


I couldn’t have stated it better myself. The DevForum was once a constructive place to grow and help each other. Now, I see random posts that just deter from what good it used to do.


I don’t think DevEx eligibility should be a key factor for Developer Forum access. For instance I haven’t used DevEx and I wouldn’t want that to be one of the key factors for not allowing me into the forums if I was a newer developer.

Other than that though, I do agree that there should be more barriers for entry to the forums. Studio time however is a really good idea for entry.

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You can easily slap a “As a developer, should you …” and call it a day. There were a few instances of this, like “Should developers drink more coffee?” or “As a developer, what’s your daily schedule?”

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Anyhow I can’t find a way in which DevEx would be a good idea to decide who’s a developer, doesn’t make sense, I can’t think of a DevForum role which would make sense for that, I understand it’s a combination from all ideas, but it’s still kind of a horrible take to use DevEx as a way to identify a developer. All the other ways to identify a developer are fine, but I found this one just kind of weird.

Given like 60% of the members are -18, they have less chances of ever using DevEx.

For me, using that as a metric at all is not a good idea.


Inb4 people that are part of the problem discover this thread and sabotage it.


Then maybe there should be a category called “Miscellaneous” or “Misc” that doesn’t show up in your regular feed if you turn off the setting, and it doesn’t contribute to your like/ post count. This could be used to answer not heavily development questions, and could be a mini “hangout” area if must.

The poll shown earlier was not answered by every user in the devforum community – merely 207 users. For all we know a few of them could even have lied in the poll.

Also he made it very clear that it was a suggestion, it either could or couldn’t, he didn’t say that not devexing should prevent you from entering the forum, just a factor to possibly determine acceptance

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This is a development forum, you did not come here to “hangout”, you came here to engage with meaningful development resources.

cc @LucasTutoriaisSaimo

Going to respond to this once more, I’m talking about a healthy combination of several metrics to be determined by product people at Roblox.

DevEx is an important factor for someone’s success as a developer, but it is not the only factor.


Then have censors that detect certain keywords in a row, and automatically remove this? But that would limit users who have a question that use the keywords.

If you haven’t looked at Development Discussion you probably haven’t seen much of it. It comes in the form of spammy polls and open ended questions that are better suited as Twitter threads.


As for the original post, I think the use of other Roblox account data to create admittance standards is an excellent step in the right direction.

Clearly Roblox wants to make the forum more accessible with the hope that developing on the platform is easier to get into, however there is a fine line between making the forum more accommodating and sacrificing its function as a professional resource.


Even though you say that not all of these have to implemented however, I strongly disagree with some of these.

It affects development though. Display Names affect development and even though we don’t need the introducing posts, but it’s nice for a staff member to get a welcoming message from the community.

This is extreme. Couldn’t Roblox staff do identity theft (wouldn’t be much point doing this though)?

I think that this forum would be dead without under 18 users, this forum would mostly be occupied with big game studios if that happens.

I don’t necessarily think this is a good thing either, people sometimes get bans for genuine mistakes and by not promoting them, it might discourage them from development.

Customer support is absolutely horrible. I’ve only had success with them once.

Plus, they most likely won’t pass things on to engineers.

I think hiding statistics is a good idea but a bad one at the same time.

I do have to agree that there is a few non developers which are YouTubers that do not really need to create an account but I think it’s good for the community to join DevForum even if they aren’t a developer as they can then share their opinions on updates or discussions.


Yes, I think things like these belong at

I am sure there are good community members out there that are 13-17. I think a good rework of the regular rank would be a good alternative to this idea. (I am not saying it is a terrible one though)

This is personally my favorite idea in this topic. The only problem is that I don’t think Roblox can change this due to the fact that they used a forum template to create the devforum.

In all,

Idea.Support = math.huge

This is a strawman argument – I did not say the DisplayName announcement in particular is not related to development.

The point is that there has to be a way to actually verify someone’s age so that users cannot say they are 13+ when they are not (current situation). There is no other solution for this other than having a verification feature.

Please read up, this is a broken record. Part of the problem.