Target audience of the forum is not specific enough, introduce tactical barriers for entry

Only perm bans though. I had a false 1 day ban (which was resolved 6 days after by support) and if people saw me inactive, they wouldn’t know what had happened.

Yeah, there is a ton of spammed posts that are off topic. One of these are the AFK donation games topics that keep coming up in CC and DD.

I would not be comfortable with that. I’m slightly more comfortable if they allow more options like using a credit card to identify which Google does.

I think isolating 13-17 year olds would be a bad idea personally, there’s some people in this age bracket that can make decent posts.

Yeah, it’s very detrimental to isolate 13-17 year olds. Only 10-12% of people on here from that poll are over 18.

To be fair, I believe Roblox did advertise people to come over here to discuss about development and people might get the wrong message.

People barely ever read, people only really notice it because of BTRoblox.

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Not everyone voted in this poll. Many older devforum users are more than likely out of the 13-17yo bracket and as I already mentioned to you:

You’re ignoring the fact that news accounts on Twitter regularly update people with info on what kind of blog posts come out. A lot more people read those than you realize.

Something really needs to be done about the forums. I check in everyday to see if there are any new announcements and I also check out the developer discussion section to see if there’s anything interesting but I always leave empty-handed feeling very annoyed at the junk that’s in there all the time


Please take discussion about minimum age range of the forum elsewhere, it is off-topic here.

Nowhere in my post does it say 13-17 year olds shouldn’t have access to the forum, only that the forum should target older audiences more as well / let older users skip ahead in trust levels/etc because they are likely more mature.


Agreed. This post needs to stay relevant and it’s just part of the overarching problem if people are going to let it stray.

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That is true, but there are still a super large amount of minor devs who actively use the forums as well (mostly being 15-17 y/o , I feel like limiting to specifically “preferring” 18+ devs is sort of limiting and exclusive. I get what the OP and other means by wanting 18+ devs in here and looking more for that, but you gotta take into account that not all the minors that come onto this site are here to troll or to be a hindrance to the adult side of the community.

I think they’re talking about the OP’s original comment about deferring users to customer service if they need help. That’s not a good solution because of how awful customer service is, for everyone not just children but for top devs too… Of course it’s no reason to spam nonsense here, but I don’t think that’s what they meant when they mentioned it.


I hate the new system because I’d say I’m a Regular myself but to the devforum I’m tied in with the kind of people who come here to troll and post nonsense and I hate it LOL…

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They are and this is what they were responding to

I have removed

and prefer 18+ users

from the OP because it is constantly eliciting off-topic discussion.


Someone finally said it. I’ve had this opinion for a very long time, but I’ve been scared to voice my opinion because I’m not a “big developer”. I’ve always found it silly that people (often literal children) with ZERO development experience are allowed to comment as they please on here, the DEVELOPER forum.

For the last half year or so, I’ve found this forum incredibly unbearable and disingenuous. Too many people giving straight up incorrect advice (which can be dangerous) or giving advice from a completely inexperienced position. Not to mention the people practically begging for likes or treating this platform as an instant messaging service.

This post completely sums up how I’ve felt about the situation (Restrict 13 and under users and have real checks to make sure users are developers) and I remember having many conversations with other users about this topic. I’ve been too scared to voice my opinion at the thought of being struck down by a moderator, because I feel like I remember seeing somewhere that this forum was being ran with the intention of being inclusive to anyone, even people that have never opened Studio (NO!!)

Thank you for making this post.


Totally agree. As we’ve seen with the upcoming voice chat there is already a system in place for verifying age. I would love to see this brought over in some capacity to the devforum.


Pretty sure I don’t want ROBLOX to know my name.
What about the newbies who want to have a specific issue addressed? “Go to discord”? What about the people who don’t have discord? I’d like to think that I’m a mature forum user but I came in as a n00b.
What about bulletin board threads? I can’t link that?

Yep, I’m very lazy. I don’t use studio much(when I do I crank things out though)
I agree with the general message of something needs to be fixed. I spend most of my time just flagging things.

I doubt ROBLOX will do this as they’ve taken steps to make it seem less “elitist”. Maybe have a separate forum for older/famous/more established users? I’ve seen plenty of ~13,14 DevForum users that are perfectly fine, maturity wise, and are good at studio.

The entire outcome of the forum shouldn’t be based on what you think it should be- Who cares if you out of 100 people wants to relate to everyone?
There’s a stage on every forum where it becomes a hellhole-We’re in it now.

This. I don’t really “like” any of buildthomas’ suggestions but this is my general opinion right here.

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I agree with a majority of this post, however:

Ethics and legal stuff aside, it’s hard to do this for a majority of people under 18 across the world because generally people under 18 won’t have any form of legal identification. If there was a secure and private way to do it for people 13 and up, I’d be 100% all for it, but until then we’ll have to make do with hoping that kids won’t lie about their age for the hundredth time.

It’s unreasonably hard to get 100k robux in the first place, even for extremely dedicated developers and clothing creators, it would take literally years to get to that point unless you had some sort of lucky boost/promotion from a huge youtuber, which nearly all of us aren’t lucky to get (and even then doesn’t mean you’ll hit that point)
Of course, people who do have DevEx are likely dedicated developers and it would make sense to effectively just brush them through the promotion to regular (assuming they meet the minimum requirements of course)

This is actually a decent idea on paper, however some genuine devs might just be starting out and have nothing to show for it, and will use the devforum to get info and ask real questions in the right places, and may not be allowed in because they’re unable to “prove” they’re a real developer.

This would only be a good idea if customer support existed

They should already be doing this, however it’s clear they aren’t (cough #development-discussion cough) and likely won’t anytime soon.

Agree with all of this. I hardly ever go on the devforums anymore because it’s just became too muddled by low quality posts by people not serious about development


They don’t have to be insanely high requirements though. Also the basics are already documented, and if not, someone has already asked the question, and the devforum has a handy search feature to look for it. Searching is also not limited to the devforum


This is basically becoming the old refourm from back in the day man. This needs to change immediately because in my opinion there are so many many people younger then me use it but for good reasons. A lot of people are starting development at very young ages which is nice to see but we need a better structure to fix the DevRefourm so it can balance the sides of younger and older devs alike

Birth certificates exist

Also, there are plenty of trustworthy and legit verification resources that Roblox could use. The majority of online banking/finance tools require verification and they usually use verification tools like Trulioo, IDology, Cognito, and more!


Agreed. Finding practical and useful stuff is rare to see nowadays - I always have to use the search feature to find fully productive threads from the past. I’d like to see the bar for entry to the devforum be high like it once was. My question is why has nothing been done for this long? The quality of the devforum has been down for so long…

It’s completely fine for beginning developers to ask developer questions here. If you think the point of this post is “do not send newbies to the forum”, you tragically misunderstand my point. Starting developers are developers.

The point is to make the focus of this forum on development again and to cull all the nonsense going on in certain categories, on replies on announcements, off-topic bug reports / feature requests, etc.


I like the idea of tactical barriers for specific sections, but the DevForums itself should remain discoverable so that people know things like #help-and-feedback:scripting-support exist.

Why not make a discord group yourself for higher echelon developers? I assume you have decent connections @buildthomas. I’m pretty sure people will take it seriously if it’s done by you and not someone completely random.