Target audience of the forum is not specific enough, introduce tactical barriers for entry

If I’m completely honest that’s what you really came off as. My bad.
I’m seeing a lot of “New to devforum/development” = off topic poster, which just isnt true.

There’s a stage on every forum where it becomes a hellhole-We’re in it now.

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17 year old, I got plenty of legal identification that is easy to provide.

  • Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate
  • ID
  • Bank Statements

It’s not hard to get these things, it’s simple paperwork that isn’t too much of a hassle to get.

Should also mention that parental consent/overview is a method that also plays into this factor (however obviously anyone who is smart enough can deter it off) so I didn’t mention it directly.

Yea I’m agreeing with this one, I fine that a more sophisticated way to verify ones age can limit the amount of immaturity within the forums and allow the forums to get into a more “matured audiance” which allows less innaproperiate/spammed topics to be within the forums.

As for the age limit, I personally fine the age to where you should be allows within it is 16+, as it’s usually the level of maturity that provides developers that are serious about their work and deters the age of minority from creating topics to simply cause more issues towards the forums.

There is many factors that do play on it, and I’m simply speaking on the perspective on my “Member” status and not Regular and my opinion is limited because of it because I have yet to see another side of what is restricted to me, however I do agree that more and more individuals are causing issues in the forum that is resulting into it being more “attacked”.

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Majority of users won’t show their personnel paperwork such as birth certificate, drivers license or restricted permit, etc. I know when I joined the DevForum I was 13; I was not exactly willing to open up to my Mother about my online actives. I’m sure many Developers can agree with this one.

To add onto that I’m not willing to show my license or birth certificate to avoid my account being breached and it found. You should know how often users try to get into our accounts. (Identity fraud)

Not all Developers are fortunate to DevEx. The DevForum was created to include all Developers who meet a certain level. As that level disappears and morphs into a more inclusive community this means unexperienced developers join. A lot of these newer developers don’t DevEx or just can’t.

I do agree with this one. It helps show they’re actually trying rather than just coming to socialize. For example the #development-discussion is a big problem as of right now and only seems to be getting worse.

Agreed, I believe something to work towards i.e. Top Contributor may inspire more users to actively partake while holding restrictions to newer members while they learn the ropes.


Great examples. Let’s take a look at some more low quality posts courtesy of twitter. This is only the bad posts and not the ridiculous replies to serious questions, aswell.

I am in no way attempting to target anyone in these pictures. Please do not harass them.

Quite literally many of the posts on the forum now are completely useless and unnecessary.

Guys please stop discussing the 18+ thing it’s pointless and off topic like OP @buildthomas said


This is very true and something I agree on as well. A little bit hypocritical of me to say because I previously mentioned:

However I simply mentioned this because people who are 18+ are not the only ones to be able to gain this information.

With rises of breaches on ROBLOX and attacks that allows hackers to view someone’s personal information, I limit my personal information to my own accord very seriously and ensure that details that DO NOT need to be mentioned (such as address, signature, ID#, etc…) isn’t included to when I have to manually verify my identity.

I think for these kind of methods to work, only the name of the individual and date of birth needs to be mentioned. I don’t think having to display unnecessary things within your Identification such as address and issuing # needs to be added incase fraud is a factor.

Unique thing about my Drivers License is that in the back it mentions “Under 19 until: DATE MENTIONED” which I fine could be a very useful factor to verification.

Again not to minimod but OP tried to explain that the point of this thread is not about 18+, it was just a proposed idea. This is getting off topic. Please keep it relevant or else we are part of the problem.

As to data security there are independent companies that roblox could work with where you verify yourself on that platform and that verifies your account without your personal information tied to your roblox account.


Maybe instead of DevEx, since not all users that are developers (even larger ones sometimes) have the ability to DevEx or want to, users could be promoted based on lifetime earned Robux. This would essentially do the same but allows people who can’t or aren’t going to DevEx a chance to join.

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There is not a chance in hell that any verification would be done by Roblox or stored ANYWHERE in any capacity.

They would 100% be using a 3rd party verification tool, most likely one that is already widely used by financial institutions and others of the like.

Bad idea mate, that means users who did a lot of trading now have devforum access. Also excludes smaller devs.

There are many ways from automation (how many hours in roblox studio or visits to your game) to manual approval.


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This differs from traded Robux, Roblox already keeps track of this metric for their first phase Developer Awards. This only refers to Robux earned through UGC or games. (Although, in the case with the awards, UGC creators weren’t eligible for some reason.)

That would still exclude a huge portion of the community. As plasma said:

Honestly, simply having an age gate (with verification) is probably the best way to ensure that mature individuals are allowed while keeping out those that are less mature without excluding developers just starting out.


That would still be a major discriminatory factor because for example because I and other developers make a lot of money (ie thousands) through exterior payment for commissions or salary.

That also excludes your regular every day casual devs who don’t make money but know what they’re doing.

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Agreed, the forum is meant for developing. I hate seeing people make random topics or are little kids who don’t quite understand the fundamentals. There does need to be a better barrier to prevent those people from getting in more frequently. I dislike all the duplicate topics as well, there’s a search system for a reason.


Yeah that’s true, probably the best idea would just be age verification and for promotion maybe a form people could submit a game to. It’d then either be passed along automatically based on visits and like ratio or some other metric, or approved manually. Not sure.


Definitely agree. I joined the Dev Forum during the first few months of its creation, and it was absolutely fine up until around early 2019 (?)

The average post quality has drastically declined - it only takes a few seconds to find some examples of this. Some people use the DevForum in the same manner they used the Roblox Forums back when they were still around. Clearly, some change needs to happen.


Yep. Really bugs me when I see a genuine good question or an experienced developer ask a serious question to other experienced developers and kids who are not devs or are really inexperienced often chime in and try to talk when they have absolutely 0 idea of what they’re talking about. There’s no way to be like “hey only actual developers that have experience with x please give me advice on how you solved x problem”.

Unfortunately people get offended by this but most new people here do not qualify as a developer seeing as how they treat studio like a game rather than a tool. There are many noobs who are indeed learning to use it as a tool but unfortunately this is one of Roblox’s bottlenecks.


This reminds me of a post I saw a while back where the person was claiming that “if statements should be avoided because they’re inefficient” whilst larger, more experienced developers were trying to correct them and face-palmed in unison.


I agree. Many users use the forum only for certain categories that can be used like the original Roblox Forum, such as #development-discussion. I’ve seen many members that want to be regulars for the sole purpose of being able to post in #lounge.

Here’s an example I just came across. This is an obviously underage user (judging from how they post web.roblox links, how they misspell many words, etc) and it appears as if their only goal is to use the DevForums as their own version of the old Roblox Forum.

Roblox needs to change something.


Or when the same kids try to one up the experienced developer’s opinions with their own that doesn’t have any base or merit in anything.

This has been happening to me for the past few days and it’s obvious that those people want to measure their brick length for no reason other than not accepting the fact that people are entitled to their own opinions.