Target: Mission on TW-1

(This Bulletin Board is for my upcoming game)

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What is Target: Mission on TW-1?

Target: Mission on TW-1 is a fantasy-based video game. Storyline:

" You have been sent to a planet not in out galaxy. Players have been sent to that so planet we name ‘TW-1’. Why we call it that you’ll see. We got alert that some mystical creatures have been seen there. ‘One had a face like a target…’ one said. But the scariest thing is that who ever we sent there dosen’t come back. Us, roblox players will find it out. TW-1 Stands for ‘Target World 1’… "

" Game Goal: Escape TW-1. Not a goal achieved, no one has gotten out. Not even the rovers we sent. TW-1 is a VERY scary place. You wouldn’t last a day there. Good thing they sent supplies! Just escape, at any cost…"

The game will recieve further updates to add more stages (impossible to beat).

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