Targetted by DDoSer / Exploiters

I have no idea what section to post this in.

Recently my groups game have been targeted by an individual that is constantly dosing the game servers. Being a semi small group ~100 Concurrent players per game it negativity impacts our group as a whole.

We’ve tried banning, Prevent ~15 day old accounts from joining. Everything.

Reporting the users accounts does nothing as they will just change accounts, roblox support says to just report their accounts and move on. But we can’t do anything as soon as he gets our Server’s IP they immanently take it offline and prevent users from playing. We’ve had to take our game to private just so they would move on but they haven’t.

Any suggestions on how I can stop this? Or anything?

And before you ask, no this isn’t an exploit script, they’re literally just ddosing our game server.


The only thing I can think of is making it group member only. Maybe try VPNs? Although I think a VPN in this case would do literally nothing. I personally have no idea how ROBLOX servers work but maybe try publishing it in a different place. Maybe, although this is a bad idea, make a second account or group to publish the game. Maybe even extend the account age and get moderators…

Group Only: They could just join the group

VPNS: Its the roblox servers IP not users

Publishing it in a different place: They will just join that place

Second Acc/Group: Theyll just join that way

Age: Its at 30 days currentlly

Moderators: Wont do anything we cant tell who is doing it, all they have to do is join the game and they get the IP.

Thanks for the suggestions though!

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Make the group manual approval and then check if the account is suspicious or not.

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I could do that, but that would also halt the expansion of our game, since the game that they first attacked was a public fighting game that many individuals played,was just under ownership of a group. After we closed that due to their attack they just switched games.

Both our games need to have public access or there is no point in even having the game public aka why we closed one of our games. This really isnt a good fix in our instance.

Do you know how they get the server IP without executing a script?

Yes, you can use any network sniffing program

Since the client (you) connects to the roblox server, they simply just log the requests


There is no way to stop this at all, you would theoretically have to restrict game access to group members. And if it’s a public group, even changing the group to “invite only” won’t help you much as you likely don’t know who’s doing it.

There’s just those bad cookies out there who like deploying unethical and illegal activities to ruin it for everyone. And it’s pathetic.

Summing it up, the only ones who can really improve overall protection for this is Roblox themselves.

If there’s no way to stop it, why don’t other games like Jailbreak and Adopt Me have this problem?

Yea, it’s ruining our games and we cant do anything, roblox just told us to report the accounts. I hope they can IP/HWID ban these users so it would be harder, even just report them to the police since its illegal.

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They have hundreds of servers so if one goes down they can just rejoin another, but in our games we usually have 1 or 2 active servers so when one goes down it ruins our activity and diverts users away


I’m absolutely sure they do have this problem, there are just so many consistent servers running on different actual servers that it’s less noticeable.


I’m just hoping the roblox staff wont ignore our issue we’re facing and help us out, because we know if it was an attack against any of the big 3 (Jailbreak, PF, etc etc) they would try and get rid of the users as quick as they can


There’s only so much they can do and the likeliness that IP/HWID bans come into play, the chances of those stopping someone dedicated is very low. Being I’m sure some of the upper-tier cheats if they use cheats rather than network sniffers, they likely have a hardware spoofer and virtual network at hand.

I’m sure if it becomes more and more common, Roblox will start taking action against it and improving overall protection for their servers.

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Pretty sure exploiters can’t take down servers like that. The only way they should be able to is by lagging the game so much the server crashes. At that point it is 100% something inside the game that they are abusing, such as a remote event with poor checks or something that tells the server to do something from the client.

Try looking into your remotes and see if anything is suspicious.

No they can, its not a remote or script issue. They are literally getting the server IP and taking it offline.


How are you sure?

If the exploiter told you thats what they are doing, they most likely aren’t doing that.
Why would they tell you how to fix it?

Because you cant fix it. I know they are ddosing for how its happening, I’ve seen the tools. They showed it was a ddos by taking my site offline after I called their bluff.

Then you can’t stop it.

But your website and Roblox game servers are very different in terms of protection MOST LIKELY, Idk how your website is ran but Roblox would most likely have a lot more protection. And at that point Roblox would notice.

It’s illegal so can’t you report it to the police like you said?