Task library is not in the Lua Documents Index

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Title does a pretty good job of explaining what the issue with this page is. The task library is not in the Lua Documents Index. I guess I’ll also mention that it’s not in the API Reference Manual either.

Issue Area: DevHub Content
Page URL: https://developer.roblox.com/en-us/api-reference/lua-docs (and Roblox API Reference Manual)


That’s the documentation page for the task library. This DevHub request is stating that it’s not listed in the Lua Documents Index or the API Reference Manual. See the Page URLs in the OP.

That’s not relevant to this thread, but to answer your question no, right now the legacy methods haven’t been deprecated. That will happen at a later date.

The deprecation status of legacy functions has nothing to do with the pages listed in the OP being updated. I’m writing this request because I want the task library added to these pages. They’re places developers frequent when they need a reference for API.

Task’s documentation can only be found through searching the DevForum or the DevHub. Not every developer keeps up with the DevForum and may not know to search for task on the DevHub, much less that it even exists, so the next best place to see the library is via these pages and right now the task library doesn’t exist on either. That’s the point of this request.

Last I asked about a month ago they are still a bit behind on updating pages.

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The reason you won’t find the task library in the Lua Documents index because the task library is a library exclusive to LuaU. You can find an adequate documentation on the library here: Task Library . Apart from that, the team in charge of documenting the api’s have yet to update the globals index.

It doesn’t matter whether or not a standard library is exclusive to Roblox or not. Please read the intent of this request as posted in the OP, I’ve outlined my reason for this request.

Task documentation exists but it’s obscure to developers who do not keep up and it can’t be found easily through an existing page that carries the expectation of listing available API for developers to use. If you are not aware task exists, then you have to go out of your way to find the documentation instead of being able to open these indexes and find it quickly.

You aren’t IX so I wouldn’t expect you to have an authoritative answer on why task isn’t here. It’s just that the page hasn’t been updated or they forgot to add it. It has nothing to do with the library’s exclusivity to the Roblox platform.

If you all could avoid adding replies if you aren’t contributing anything to the thread, I’d really appreciate it, this is getting old. I’m not interested in your speculations or unnecessary uninformed commentary of why something doesn’t exist on a page. I filed a content request for a reason. Stop bloating the replies of my thread, please and thank you.

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Task has been added to the Lua Documents Index.

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