Task Ui [Not Scripted]

Any suggestions for my task gui?

Also here is a video:

robloxapp-20211114-1229401.wmv (2.4 MB)

A) The purple doesn’t make any sense for a game like that
B) There is no room / padding between each of the UI features
C) It is so unaligned that I want to faint
D) Change the font so that it doesn’t look “normal”
E) It is quite small and really just needs to be remade
F) They are all unequal sizes meaning it won’t look the best

Here are a few articles on how to make it better:


I like the idea, just not how it was made!

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A) It’s not a shooter game.
B) I’m just a beginner.
C) I tried aligning it.
D) The font does not matter at all.
E) How does the size matter?


I never said it was a shooter game did I?
You need to use anchor points for aligning
The size does matter as it will change on different devices
The font does matter cause at the moment it looks ugly!

The size doesn’t matter he could just convert it to scale

The purple doesn’t fit in with the black and green textcolor.

There isn’t these colors, and chill god.

There is so you should change it

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