Tastriez | Staff Rules & Guidelines


Staff Rules

  1. All Premium Members must go through the Application, Interview, and Training process. (Interview & Training Times are listed in this handbook.) If not, you’re request to work here will be denied.

  2. Asking for promotions will decrease your chances and/or even get you suspended. Promotions are decided on work ethics, availability, and responsibility, our promotion system allows you to have points every time you serve a customer. If you cheat, this will result in demotion. Time does not matter in this situation. If you are not a good worker, but you have worked for a long time, you will not be promoted unless you are seen working hard, with points.

  3. The Bakery may be run without MR supervision as long as there are enough staff to run the Bakery without problems and with ease.

  4. In case of too many Chefs, you may take a break until a register is open!

  5. If you see an HR on one of the servers, please do not automatically go there. This means that all staff will go to that one server, leaving the others without workers and the customers upset. This will also show us that you just want to be noticed, which will decrease your chances as said before.

  6. If there is not a sufficient amount of staff at the Bakery, you may close it down. However, do not kick or force guests that are already there and have their foodstuffs to leave, let them enjoy their treats before they leave.

  7. There shall be no meetings held in the Bakery. If you would like to hold a meeting and are an HR, please head to the Meeting Center to avoid any disturbances in the Bakery.

Admin Abuse:

  1. Using M unnecessarily will lead to a consequence. M is used only for important messages that all people within the Bakery need to hear. Please try and use H for guest/staff announcements or use PM to contact staff privately.

  2. Please do not give our items to random customers, as this will annoy them. Please try to only give the items to the ones you are serving. If you do it by accident, kindly say sorry and take it back. Doing it on purpose will lead to a consequence.

  3. If you urgently need an HR, please do not bring them straight away. Please kindly PM them and ask if they are not busy at the moment and if you are allowed to speak with them. Bringing an HR with them in the middle of something important can lead to consequence if it happens repeatedly.

  4. Profanity, swearing, trolling, cheating on points can all lead into a demotion!