Tatva Staff Ranks

Thanks you for taking the time to read this! This is the staff rank guide for Tatva Grill on Roblox.

LR Ranks

A customer who passed the application.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited
Junior Hibachi Chef
A trainee who passed training.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited
Hibachi Chef
A Junior chef who has gotten 150 points.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited
Senior Hibachi Chef
A chef who has gotten 300 points.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited
Head Hibachi Chef
A senior Hibachi chef who has gotten 600 points.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited

MR Ranks

Hibachi Grill Assistant
A grill assistant. Gets moderator commands.
Rank Capacity = Unlimited
A grill supervisor. Get moderator commands.
Rank Capacity = 50
Management Team
A management member and last MR rank. Gets mod commands.
Rank Capacity = 15

High Ranks

Assistant Manager
An assistant to the manager. Gets administrator commands.
Rank Capacity = 25
General Manager
The grill manager. Gets Admin commands.
Rank Capacity = 35

Senior High Ranks

Executive Assistant
An executive assistant. Gets SUPER ADMIN commands.
Rank Capacity = 20
Executive Director
The director of executives. Gets super admin commands.
Rank Capacity = 2

Executive Senior High Ranks

Vice President
The department head. Gets SUPER ADMIN commands.
Rank Capacity = 8
A department supervisor, lead departments and staff. Gets Senior Administrator commands.
Rank Capacity = 4
The owner of the group. Gets OWNER ADMIN commands.
Rank Capacity = 1

Subject to change at any time.