[TDW] Declaration of Victory over EAA. (OLD!)



This was made on: #121284480 - 12-26-2013 04:10 PM

After a week of fighting, TDW has stuck to their side of the war terms and have had a fair war throughout the fight. EAA has become inactive and unloyal to the war, and we are not having another TDW-CG war, where CG and TDW remained enemies for a month but never did anything except one raid which TDW won. Since EAA refuses to raid us and when it comes to us rallying to raid them, they cancel on us.

So I, leader of TDW, Declare victory over EAA, and moving on to finishing off our RDA/SHOA Enemies, which also, are inactive.

Since all three of our enemies are inactive in what they do, I end the score for TDW/EAA at TDW:1 EAA:0, We agreed to go to 5 wins and not 15 to win the war and a Final battle but they can’t even do 5 battles.

I allow EAA to have a final battle, no Mercs, have some honor in your soldiers, this was supposed to be a fun war, but TDW is sick and tired of inactive slobs, that is why we are looking to war a specific superclan we defeated a long time ago.

If you want a Final battle, we have the place ready, here is what is needed:
-8 People to represent a clan
-Both Clan Leaders present

That is pretty much it, we have the map ready, and it will be a sword duel.

FOR THE CAPITOL! HAIL TDW! We have defeated EAA!