[TDW] Ontaria's Cavern Rules

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The Dark Warriors

Cavern Rules

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - Rules
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

This thread lists off all the currently active rules that are enforced at the Cavern. Players from all sides must abide to these rules regardless of their position in their team. Rule breakers must be reported to admins that are present in the server immediately so that they may be dealt with accordingly. Small offenses normally result in warnings (such as offensive remarks) but other offenses can lead straight to kicks or bans depending on the severity and intention behind the action committed by the rule breaker. Either way, enjoy the read!

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Rules]:black_small_square:

Here are the rules both the Celvestians and Collective shall acknowledge in order to have a legitimate and decent raid/defense.

  • Only CCL Verified can host defenses. Here’s the official list of CCL Verified members.

  • No server hopping. Don’t be annoying.

  • You are given 30 minutes max to beat Point C1. If you beat Point C then you are given 15 minutes max to beat Point C2. Those are the raid times for each term.

  • No alternate accounts allowed to raid. No mercenaries, randoms, and bandwagoners either.

  • Message a CCL Verified member 10 minutes before you raid.

  • To win for Collective: You must capture Point C1 (800 seconds Dual-Cap) and then capture Point C2 (400 seconds Rollback 2) in order to win. Both Point C and Point H must be held till 100% in order for Retruvians to win.

  • Celvestians win when there’s less than 5 Collective left or when the server raid limit has been reached for either Point C1 or Point C2 or we held either term to the max designated time.

  • If the raid limit reaches the full 30 minutes and the Collective still hold the terminal then we will go into overtime. If the Celvestians recapture the terminal in overtime then Celvestia wins. If the Collective capture Point C1 in overtime then they move onto Point C2 with an additional 15 minutes. If they can’t capture Point C2 within 15 minutes then Celvestia wins in overtime. If the raid limit is reached for Point C2 and Retruvians still have it then the Celvestians need to capture it to win in overtime.

  • No Glitching of ANY sort, there are no loopholes here. NO GLITCHING. You can sword jump and frog.

  • Citizens/Nomads aren’t allowed to be near the term. They are also not allowed to block the shops. Trolling/disrupting the event as a Cave Dweller will have you banned.

  • If you keep using your autoclicker and making the alert message spam constantly then you will be removed from the event.

  • If there’s a server that is official and active and multiple servers are formed following the first servers creation, Celvestia has the right to shut down the other servers if deemed unofficial for over 3 minutes considering the first server (the official one) is what the Celvestians will be aiming for. Here’s an Example: Vaktovia raided Celvestia in a 28 player server, JC and VE (whom didn’t warn us at all) invaded, forming a second server. They broke three rules automatically: No pre-flooding, no ESR, and they did NOT warn a CCL Verified Host 10 minutes beforehand. Since Celvestia/Vaktovia were aiming for the first server, no one went to the second one because the first server was the agreed upon one. So basically what I am saying is: We have the right to shutdown unofficial servers.

  • Do not flood the server right after you message a CCL Verified Celvestian (with them NOT approving the raid/defense). What I’m saying is don’t message the CCL Verified Celvestian and then raid a few minutes after where the Celvestians are not present still (you need the CCL Verified Celvestian to validate the raid/defense), you must message them back saying, “Where are you? We are waiting at your base, it’s been 10 minutes. Are you able to defend?” If they don’t reply then they’ve most likely gone offline or are busy in-game. If they reply saying “We can’t defend.” Please ask them “How come?”, usually it’s because of timezone difficulties.

  • Exploiting and hacking deems the raid invalid and the server will be immediately shutdown.

  • No uniform raiding, example: don’t raid Celvestia while wearing a Celvestian uniform. Wear your clans uniform with pride!

  • The defense will be voided if people are randomly dying. As we can never tell who is either exploiting or injecting scripts to cause this to happen. This is to prevent the defense from becoming unfair for either side. If the exploiters think it’s okay to ruin the event then we’ll just void it for everyone. Don’t try it.

  • Any mention of “is there a anti”, “there’s no anti here”, “this anti is weak”, and so on will have you removed from the event. Even jokes can’t be taken lightly. We don’t trust anyone in your group except for our own HICOM/Celvestians. That’s a bias and we know that. Do we care? No. If we know our member is joking he won’t be removed. But we don’t know your members. Don’t like this rule? Cool.

  • Celvestia reserves all rights to remove any person from the premises of our base should we believe they are being suspicious or blatant in any shape or form. Celvestia is not required to have proof but we can provide it on our own accord. That does not mean we will remove tons of your members. It means if we see a problematic individual who most of our members are calling out for being suspicious, he/she will be removed regardless if proof is present. We also reserve the right to not give mod to the enemy should we believe they are a suspicious group. If you want a Celvestian removed then you will need proof as we have a personal bias towards our Celvestians and we do not trust sword clans, especially those from the SCC.

  • Any sort of exploiter that is present and fighting for either team (if neither team knows it was an exploiter until after the event) will automatically void the event regardless of the outcome. If one side obviously knew/knows someone is an exploiter that is fighting for them, the other side gets the victory.

  • Keep flaming minimum, you have 2 chances. Repeat offense will result in a ban.

  • NO PROFANITY. I am very strict with this rule. No warnings.

  • No spamming. If the same person repeats a specific phrase over 3 times they will be kicked.

  • You are not allowed to help the Collective raid OFFICIALY (Meaning if a clan is raiding Celvestia, not the actual Collective group itself) while you are a Celvestian unless permitted by a CCL Verified Host, otherwise you can’t raid with them. Punishment is severe due to this being considered betrayal.

  • Raid cool down is 30 minutes. After 30 minutes you may raid again. Just be sure to warn the CCL Verified Host 10 minutes beforehand. This differs during wartime.

  • No Auto-wins. I can’t stress how important this rule is.

  • Harassment and abuse is NOT allowed at all. Usually we do 2 warnings.

  • For an official raid just ask a CCL verified host what numbers you’d like to do.

  • For an official raid there must be at least 5 Collective present to raid.

  • When the raid begins, PLEASE present a valid picture/video with the official amount of Celvestians and Collective present, otherwise your victory is invalid and ignored.

  • Your victory picture MUST include the leader-board with the Celvestian team shown fully, otherwise it will be ignored.

  • For an official victory, PLEASE take a picture/video of the victory message with all the information revealed as well as the Celvestian leaderboard.

  • Spawn camping is allowed.

  • No spawn killing. If you are caught inside the spawning area you will be warned once then kicked. Repeat offense results in a ban.

  • We urge you not to kill Citizens/Foreigners but we understand they get in the crossfire. Spawn camping and/or spawn killing citizens will get you banned from the event.

  • No Civilian raiding. You’ll just get banned straight up. If a whole clan Civilian raids or asks allies to Civilian raid, that clan will be kicked from the base, repeat offense is a permanent ban.

  • No Pre-flooding!

  • No Empty Server Raiding!

  • No loopholing. The rules mean what we want them to mean. They are not for you to create your own meaning/definition.


  • High ranks, do not admin abuse! You will be severely punished if you do so.

  • CCL Verified Celvestians can host defenses/raids. No one else.

  • We urge you not to kill Citizens/Foreigners but we understand they get in the crossfire. Spawn camping and/or spawn killing citizens will get you banned from the event.

  • Do not raid the Capital unless a Practice Raid is taking place. If caught breaking this rule you will be demoted and kicked. Repeat offense is a second demotion and ban.

  • Do not threaten your fellow Celvestians, allies, or even Collective. This applies to the no flaming or harassment/abuse rule.

We expect all of you to follow our rules. Failing to do so will result in consequence.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

This list will be updated continuously so that it promotes a fair and safe atmosphere for both sides to enjoy. We encourage Celvestians to enforce these rules on their own time as well and not depend on admins to save the day. The same goes for outsiders who wish to take part in raiding activities. But sometimes outsiders just don’t listen. It’s the circle of the ban hammer life cycle. Anyways, stay true to your heart of gold Celvestian.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.