[TDW] The Proposal of Allied wars. (OLD!)



This was made on: #120741057 - 12-20-2013 08:18 PM

TDW has started their war with RDA/SHOA on 12/20/13 4:30 PM Pacific, both sides do not have a functional fort ATM, TDW’s will be done hopefully on Saturday or by before Christmas at the max. RF has recently declared war on SHOA/RDA, I support RF’s decision but I find it a bad idea, TDW will only ask for support we do not want allies to get themselves into more wars simply because we are in one, we understand the dedication our allies are giving to us and the dedication we offer to them and their needs.

TDW’s Proposal:
-During this war the only 2 forts that shall be raided will be TDW’s City Outpost, and SHOA’s Upcoming Fort.
-Allies can not ask the enemy to raid them because they declared war, for TDW’s war is their own.
-If you do want to have a war with them with us, then the ally must defend our fort as it is their own in order for them to get wins or SHOA/Allies to get wins. Same goes for RDA/SHOA if they bring in allies.

After the war, both sides have the free will to declare war upon allies, but that free will will also be challenged by the comrades of those allies, such as the declaration of war from RF to RDA/SHOA just because TDW was in war, RF is allowed to have war after the war is over between TDW vs RDA/SHOA.

Allies are allowed in this war! I can’t stress that enough to some of you.

-Signed TDW Commander.
-Agreed with Allies of TDW
-Agreed with SHOA Leader (Audrine)