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The Dark Warriors

Group History (Old Thread)

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - The History of the Group
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

Everything in section 3 was copy and pasted from a post back in 2015 regarding the history of TDW from 2012 till the time that the thread was posted (which was 2015). Everything under section 3 is unedited and fully converted into devforums. It’s perfectly preserved as a piece of sacred Celvestian history. We hope you enjoy reading this just as much as we did experiencing it. I apologize for any grammatical mistakes in section 3 since I was younger back then. But that’s the beauty of memories. :heart:

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | The History of the Group (2012 - 2015)]:black_small_square:

This was made: #159085356 - 03-31-2015 08:15 PM

For the sake of preserving historical pieces of text, I did not modify or fix any of the grammatical mistakes made in this thread as it symbolizes my younger days as the Venerius of Celvestia. However, I did change up the formatting and took out unnecessary parts. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

On 2/21/2012 at 3:03:29 PM, I posted the first comment on the TDW wall and it was: “Welcome all Dark Warriors of Pwned incrypt!” Oh what times… the memories that flourish because of this… I could just remember the fun we all had when TDW first began… Lets start from the beginning shall we?

What is “The Dark Warriors!”? Welp, this will come as a shock to 75% of you and will probably spark some interesting insults from C&G but… TDW used to be a guild group, how did I come up with a guild group idea? The answer was because of this game: http://www.roblox.com/PWNED-InCrypt-V-11-0-0-place?id=35537570 You may ask “But how did this game create TDW?” Well consider the button that says “Create Guild” and since I find beauty in darkness I decided with “The Dark Warriors” and went on with inviting people to my guild in-game. I quickly rose through the levels and have almost all the VIPs and an actual group of gaming buddies to join me when we played… But then it hit me “A guild group…?” and “TDW!” was born. Why does it have a “!”? Simple, “The Dark Warriors” was taken, and my 12 year old mind was just too excited to make the group so I went ahead and rushed its creation and added a “!”, I believe that’s how it went. But today I don’t regret putting it in, push comes to shove you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover… in this case don’t judge us by our name and we certainly proved our might in quite a lot of circumstances.

There you have it, how TDW was made originally. Now we shall go into the story of TDW itself. Now lets begin, TDW progressed as a group bent on creating a community that would accept anyone and anybody of all ethnicity’s, nationalities, religions and so on. TDW believed in inviting everybody in ROBLOX looking for somebody to be by their side, to help them to aid them… and to be a friend for them when they needed it most. TDW to me is not just some random group, not just another sword clan, no… it’s the only part of my childhood I ever loved and it actually saved me… TDW and I progressed in 2012 as a small guild group that changed to a group that hosted daily trainings and events at robloxriot9000’s training places as shown in the videos in the thread links. Everyday was so fun for all of us, and the original members you’d see in those videos… Lsegt212, jack10, swaggertj7 (flurcium), robloxriot9000 and so many more. A notable fellow might I add, was damagingninjawarrior. He brought such drama into the TDW community, the first of the drama we would face in the future. He brought forth rebellions and stirred up a hassle for us, each time he was defeated and tossed aside, his groups today are held by me. I remember something that happened with us, it was the introduction of Tranquil and Vulkren, Vulkren was first, the snowy base that were guns was such an attraction, we introduced AI’s and jets…the rise of the TDW Air force and the divsion still stands today. This division was one of the fierce forces of TDW, each raid these guys would swoop in and demolish the ground forces of the raiders. During this time we were assisting our ally EAC in a war against UST, but later on as one of the videos shown below…we warr’d EAC and won with them surrendering the war.

Funny thing about TDW when we first adapted into military lifestyle for our group we targetted VAK quite a lot… It was such a fun experience for us when we started off with literally raiding SMO everyday and flooding the VAK Rec Centers servers and going on for hours just practicing on fellow raiders and Vaktovians… Ah good times. As time grew on so did we, we moved on from Vaktovia and had our fun with their Recruitment Center, we learned quite a lot about gun fighting and gave it a try ourselves, and that’s how Vulkrens guns were made, from the experience at the original SMO. Passed the Vaktovian fun our sights were set upon the group “Ghost Men”, my first ever group and first ever military group experience… the leader tyrellandfun took me in as a member and I quickly rose through the ranks, almost too quickly he thought and because of this he was left with a choice to betray me and exile me, or letting me stay and continue to help his group. In the end he betrayed me, my best friend pop688 betrayed me too, so did anwar224, and GhostMW2dude, each of them left me for my own. I was lost for quite a bit, just venturing in games and enjoying myself playing quite a lot of DBZ themed games, then Pwned Incrypt came and…few days in… TDW was born. TDW eventually became much more powerful and far more active then Ghost Men ever was, we started our first ever war with them… We ended up winning, we also have some footage of a few raids linked below and some solo raids, but none of the major raids with huge amounts of members were there since my PC at the time was terrible. TDW led the war and eventually won, leaving Ghost Men in shock and tyrell begging for an alliance, it happened. Alliance did not last though as ANOTHER war broke out due to disagreements, TDW won again. And following that 3 more wars came, each time TDW became victorious. The 5th war was the most notable one… TDW’s final invasion consisted of 89 people as we all set ourselves in teleport pods and went straight to “Fort Ghost” or whatever it is, we sent Ghost Men straight into destruction… the group today is dead and just limbers as nothing but empty space…http://www.roblox.com/groups/group.aspx?gid=144982 Months later TDW won a few more wars after that, and stood our ground against quite a lot of mighty foes.The following were defeated in 2012: RAID, TEGE, RoC, GM x2, TGEE, EAC and a few others. These wars helped forge us into a better group. The wars with TEGE and TGEE were the revolutionary groups Damagingninjawarrior created in order to “foil TDW and our plans” for spreading our power and influence during 2012. The war with RAID actually consisted of VAKs constant help and I have a video right here of VAK helping RAID try to defeat TDW, but in the end TDW pulled through and won the raid, yet RAID called us out and tried to declare an autowin: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj8HwZ9B7G0 I actually argued with the people in the commentary section for this video, I won the arguments cause they failed to provide any evidence of their claims as well as failed to show their supposed “victory” when the raid ended with TDW recapturing it over 3 times. The war with Ghost Men, one was because of the alliance upset and the second one was actually a waste of time… Now EAC… Oh my this war brought out my apprentice, my friend, my comrade… It brought out ASSASSIN1199 (mideviltiger013/syv3x0n)… I showed him how EAC lied to him, how they deceived me as an old ally and just used TDWs power to help them in their failed war with UST…I showed him what it meant to be apart of a true family. I cared for him and I saw potential… I decided to take him in as my apprentice and teach him, I not necessarily pulled and Obiwan and anakin skywalker but instead I let him examine my styles of fighting, leadership… and so on. It’s sad to see him retire tomorrow (4/1/2015) and I hope he reads this part. Syv3x0n, I and the rest of TDW will miss you… Please, don’t forget us.

Now I shall move onto 2013… oh god I hate this year… and instead of talking about how terrible it was and what happened, you can read what I ALREADY wrote up about 2013:
[TDW] Transitioning from 2013 to 2014
I also talk a little bit about what will happen in 2014 in that thread.

Now 2014… I LOVED THIS YEAR! The RISE OF THE CAPITAL! THE DOMINATION IN THE AD SYSTEM! We flourished this year, this was our year and it was beautiful. Lets start off with the activity, I loved it. Our highest rallied event in 2014 was 176 players, it included the massive rally with JC and its allies and its war with X-101 1st. It mainly consisted of TDW and JC, and it was unbelievable our activity hit as high and beyond what it did in 2012 with the 5th Ghost Men war. Ah I loved that year so much, every weekend we released advertisements and people flooded our Capital. Our activity just spiked incredibly from 20+'s to 40-50+ every event, you might be able to see a few pictures with 28+ TDW and one with more then 40+, don’t know but I can try to recover old TDW pictures but most of them are on my old laptop which the screen is broken…so… Yeah, that’s going to be a problem. I will continue talking about 2014 another time, just know it was the golden era of TDW, and our war experiences expended as well.

2015? It’s happening now, wait till my spring break is finished to see what I will be adding to this list heh.

Below consists of all the videos I have uploaded and more to be uploaded in the future!

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY PICTURES #1]:black_small_square:

[TDW] History Pictures #1

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY PICTURES #2]:black_small_square:

Other historic pictures are posted else where. Wish to see them? Contact Darkside808.

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY VIDEOS #1]:black_small_square:

From my OLDEST CHANNEL, videos are from oldest (first one) to newest (last one).
[TDW] History Videos #1

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY VIDEOS #2]:black_small_square:

[TDW] History Videos #2

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY VIDEOS #3]:black_small_square:

[TDW] History Videos #3

:black_small_square:[TDW HISTORY VIDEOS #4]:black_small_square:

[TDW] History Videos #4

AND MUCH MORE! Want to have your TDW video involved? Pm me!

This is only version 1!

TDW FTW! Thank you for reading, SO MUCH MORE TO COME! HAIL TDW!

"TDW, my family, my brothers, my sisters, you guys, is what keeps me going, 24/7, thinking about logging on everyday, seeing TDW active, having fun, being immature because after all, it is a kids game. I am so happy, we have been through over 3 years TDW! 3 YEARS! And we still keep thriving stronger then many clans, who still have unnoticed our potential, you guys, are amazing, and I love all of you, keep being who you are, it’s what makes you…you…

Your loving Commander, friend, brother, sister, and proud PROUD leader, Darkside808, KEEP BEING YOU! NEVER CHANGE THAT! <3" :slight_smile:


:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

I really do love how the old me worded his sentences and was so outspoken about the love for this group. Truly does remind me why I keep fighting to make this group the best it can possibly be for my members. You guys truly do mean the world to me and I couldn’t have it any other way. I love every single one of you with all of my heart. Because you know what they say right? Even the darkest of warriors have a :heart: of gold. :wink:

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