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The Dark Warriors

The Universe Community Project

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

[-Table of Contents-]


[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - The Celvestian Universe
[4.0] - The Universe Project

  • [4.1] - Lore Background
  • [4.2] - Build Requirements

[5.0] - Incorporating Your Creation
[6.0] - Additional Information
[7.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

This document will go over how you will go about creating an original planet/moon/entity within the Celvestian Universe. The Universe Project is about engaging the community in creating their own planets or building places for planets that already have lore written for them. This is meant to be a fun and creative community project that helps people get more into the lore and have the opportunity to expand upon people’s building abilities and imagination. All of the planets/moons/entities made will be listed at the Celvestian Universe game.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | The Celvestian Universe]:black_small_square:

Before creating your own planet it’s important to understand the basics behind our universe and the lore within it. Most of what you can find about Celvestia alone is at Vulkren’s Peak. Parts of our mythology and extended lore can be found at Ontaria inside the temple. And we have a document that covers some very basic and generic information about Celvestia and about the group as well. For added measure, to understand our philosophy please read section 2 in the new member’s guide. After understanding the lore listed in these few links (you only need a broad grasp of what’s going on in our universe) then you’re ready to set-up your lore for the planet you’re building.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | The Universe Project]:black_small_square:

Follow the criteria and questions listed in the upcoming sub-sections so that you can embed your build officially and logically into our lore. If you do not respect the criteria and the restrictions set in-place in-regards to your entity then it will be disregarded and be declared as non-canon.

:black_small_square:[4.1 | Lore Background]:black_small_square:

Answer the following questions as in-depth as you can go. Make sure it falls under Fantasy/Science Fiction standards and it makes sense within our universe.

  • What is your creation? (Planet, moon, star, asteroid, black hole, etc.)

  • What’s your creations name?

  • What kind of terrain does this creation feature? (Mostly rocky, arctic, water world, etc…) If it features no terrain then is it based around gas or something else?

  • Does this creation feature any signs of life? Is it habitable like Earth?

  • In what galaxy does this creation reside in?

  • Does this creation have weather patterns?

  • What kind of elements/ores/gases/materials can be found on this creation?

  • Is there a civilization found on this creation? If so what are they like? (Be descriptive.)

:black_small_square:[4.2 | Build Requirements]:black_small_square:

Follow these requirements when building maps. Remember, the final product does not have to be a masterpiece.

  • The map should be large enough to walk around on for at least a few minutes. Some sizes you could consider are 350 x 350, 500 x 500, and anything above that.

  • Smooth terrain is recommended if you want the process to go by quick plus it makes the map look a lot more genuine. Practice using the tools to create your own worlds like The Fall of Ontaria! If you do decide to use smooth terrain do not just use the ‘generate’ tool as it’s easily distinguishable from genuine builds. You could use ‘generate’ as your starter template though.

  • Feature some ores scattered in some rocks on the surface level and/or in underground passages if you have any.

  • This part is optional so you don’t have to do it. However, if you choose to do so then you could add a shuttle transport ship camping site to add to the realism of ‘visiting’ other worlds.

  • If you chose to do your own little world over selecting an entity with pre-made lore then it’s advised you write up some comprehend able and plausible lore to fit the description of your creation. Piece together a story to describe how they discovered and landed on your creation if you want as well.

  • Customize the sky, weather patterns (using particles), and so on to the best of your abilities. Truly immerse us into the experience.

  • Don’t worry about your creation lagging. As long as you don’t spam unions and unnecessary particle emission rates then you’ll be fine.

  • Feel free to add any sort of architecture/ruins/cities/villages/etc. to your creations world to show if it has natives residing on it.

  • We leave the rest up to you to decide. Goodluck Celvestian!

:black_small_square:[5.0 | Incorporating Your Creation]:black_small_square:

So once you’ve created your creation, now what? You should approach the Venerius himself about your creation by showing him what you’ve done for the lore, its story, and the build itself. Once he’s done touring around and looking over your showcased creation he will then decide if it’s eligible enough to be added into the Celvestian Universe game for everyone to visit and see your world. If he says that it is then he will link up your place to the Universe hub with a brief description posted up next to the teleporter as well as the main ore of focus featured in your world. Always keep your game open for visitors.

:black_small_square:[6.0 | Additional Information]:black_small_square:

This is completely optional for any Celvestian to try out. It’s strictly here to help expand our lore and to get yourself more engaged into the Celvestian Universe. However, If you share the same amount of enthusiasm for the lore that the Venerius himself does when he creates it then you might just bond pretty closely with the Venerius and become great friends. He’s massive on lore and absolutely loves to create so this is a great way to get on his good side. Remember this is just for fun and you shouldn’t stress yourself out over it. Take your time in piecing together your creations. A rushed project is no good. If you do need help with creating your world you could ask the Venerius to see if he has time to give you feedback and suggestions to add onto it. Most of the time he’s online on Discord and ROBLOX so it shouldn’t be a problem.

:black_small_square:[7.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

This is just one of the many different opportunities for you to take advantage of when becoming a bigger part of the community. We want to encourage creativity, story writing, world building, and so on. We see this project inspiring many to take part in such a massive universe. We hope you enjoy yourself when participating in this project and in the future ones to come. Thank you for being a part of Celvestia and her endeavors. We truly appreciate you and the hard work you’ve put into this group. Thanks for reading and remember to stay true to your heart of gold!

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • AgnitedFury, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • SanityCheck, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Embresk, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • WinterCelvestian, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Swordloxx, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Sketchys, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


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