[TDW] War Victory over "Robloxian Military [RM]" (OLD, 2013!)



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This is for the “War History/Info” thread and I am putting together any threads I can’t find.

So basically this was a war that started when flyboytay introduced me to a clan called"Robloxian Military [RM]" and we solo raided them and won easily, literally, easily. We decided to raid the next day and won 2 more times and then RM started noticing us stacking up wins and TDW began raiding the next day and that’s when I had to declare war, and so we did, dellkiller123 accepted the war and we went into a full on battle and TDW ended the war w/over 10 victories and RM 0, here are the victories. How did TDW end the war w/final victories? TDW and Green Gods rallied at TDW outpost *which RM decided to attack us at that time and we MAJORLY outnumbered them, the raid was led by alyssalovesu7 now known as aiyy (a TDW/HR/Member) and we pretty much won the defense forcing them to retreat and then we launched our massive raids onto their recruitment center, getting out final wins to end this war.

During this war we had very OP sword givers for each side (this was a nooby time for us), and this is where RM raided us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJw47koCRi8.

http://www.roblox.com/TDW-defeats-RM-and-their-leader-6-9-13-item?id=118546902 <–old version of their base until they updated which is shown in the above pictures.

Those are 10/10 victories, and we won the war, I believe I have a few missing but eh, 10/10 is good enough, HAIL TDW.

Here are some honorable victory mentions:

And before these victories I had many solo victories.

In this picture RM member exploited and gave everyone btools:

So yeah this war happened in 2013, not now, don’t get confused ok? I just wanted to put everything together so people don’t start blurting out “YOU NEVER WON ON US” or “YOU DIDN’T WIN THE WAR”.

Yeah, I believed I covered majority of this, you can find the rest on youtube or my decals, etc. HAIL TDW.